Salt Mine – the main attraction of Wieliczka They are over 700 years old We came here This is a whole underground city which is located on 9 levels Its length is 300 km underground Now we will go to the ticket office and buy entrance tickets There are tours in 3 languages :in Polish (the most inexpensive) in English and in Russian In Russian, the most expensive and passes every day, if I’m not mistaken, at 11:15 in a.m. But we will not wait for this time Therefore we will listen to the tour in Polish I also want to say you cannot go there yourself That is, only with a guide ’cause tourists alone are not allowed Therefore, we will wait until the group gathers About 30 people But even if the group does not meet, then after 40 minutes guide will let you listen to the tour And we are going By the way, in Krakow today is such rainy weather so we decided to devote this day to the underground city All day we will roam the dungeon Wieliczka salt mines – the only ore mining facility in the world which works without interruption from the Middle Ages to the present day Can you imagine ? Now we will go to this huge underground city There are a very large number of halls, labyrinths, passages, there are underground lakes Beautiful chapels And a lot of sculptures and bas-reliefs of salts Let’s go ? Yeah! And yet, the depth of this complex is 327 meters Given the number of storeys of our buildings (3 meters) 327 meters is 100 floors down Here is a room we will visit now In summer it works from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm In high season And now the low season, and therefore works until 4 pm Therefore, we must hurry up so that we can get 327 meters down and get around 30 km to the side Or 300 km ? There are 300 km 300 km ! No, they let me go to a certain section, no one will go 300 km Entrance ticket with a guided tour in Polish 64 PLN (69 PLN) 69 PLN There are still family tickets, etc There are 4 people, there are tours in Russian, in English, I already said that For any choice. So, go ahead? Come on. Pie, are we going underground? Wieliczka is located 10 km from Krakow, and it will not be difficult to get here There is an electric train that leaves every day at 9 am from the railway station But minibuses are easier, because they leave from the bus station every 15 minutes There is still a stop “Pochta golovna” At the intersection, at the intersection of two streets there is a stop Minibuses leave from that place On all written “bus” in english letters And on them is written “Wieliczka” And you should say to the driver “Do kopal’ni” so that he does not take you to the final stop If you exit at the Kopalnya stop, then you will be quicker to get here We arrived very quickly, in 20 minutes We bought entrance tickets for 64 PLN and at 12:30 we started the tour in Polish 300+ steps down With Alice See? This is the distance we need to go We walk a very long time, but we haven’t gone half way Half steps The Wieliczka Salt Mine forms a whole underground city The dungeon and nature created a very favorable microclimate with a high content of iodine and water in the air In the mines, bacteria are completely absent. Can you imagine? Underground there is a sanatorium in which treat allergies and respiratory diseases This mine is world famous, thousands of tourists come here every year To look at underground lakes, mining machines, sculptures carved from salt Many historical figures have visited this place : Nicholas Copernicus, Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Chopin Some visitors can not resist not to lick the walls I personally saw a woman who licked Hand on a salt statue Now we’re On the depth of 55 metres Hush We are now in the deepest underground chapel 500 people fit into the deepest chapel at a depth of 100 meters Weddings have been helding here But in order to arrange such a holiday for yourself, you need to reserve a room several years before the event *music* In general, all of this is made of salt I don’t know whether it will be visible or not, we throw a coin *music* We are at a depth of 110 meters underground In winter and summer, the same temperature is 15-17 °С (59-62,6 °F) But very strong drafts, I put on a jacket Because it blows Previously, wedding ceremonies were held here, there was no elevator and people had to climb up for 6 hours up this stairs *music* Here you can buy souvenirs And have a bite There is also an underground sanatorium, I don’t remember the name But its cost is $ 425 per week Everything enters there You live underground for a week Swimming in the lakes, treatment, and if there are diseases of the upper respiratory tract Then after spending a week here you are treated completely Because this salt completely kills the bacterial microflora of the nasopharynx It is necessary to drive here Asya, she always has bronchitis Now she is sick again at home How it was working here This is the third underground cafe that we pass Than deeper than more expensive Above, a small candle cost 30 zlotys, there are already 42 Another tunnel to some tavern But eating here is certainly much more expensive than in the city This is an underground dining room Let’s go see how much what costs There are also many souvenirs made of salt. Lamps, magnets, etc. And we are already going out Your face does not fit Troelbus arrived Upstairs Why is the elevator so small Don’t move your body And another elevator for 9 people We rush straight Found such an institution You can’t imagine how hungry I am I’m already dirty Baked potatoes, stuff meat and salad Gravy and corn, all this fun costs about $ 5 It was tasty, tasty but not enough Wandered around the evening Krakow, found here is such a place There are also salt mines near Odessa, but they cannot be compared with the scale of Wieliczka Now i’ll show you them It is already They didn’t hide Gena brought us to such an interesting place where I have never been, although I have been living here for more than 20 years But I didn’t know what is here Let’s go ? In Lviv, we were in the underground Excursion “Underground Lviv” Entrance to the underground quarry Lantern ? Take a lantern There are no catacombs There are quarries There are no underground cemeteries like the Kiev Pechersk Lavra Rome and Paris – these are catacombs And the Royal Mound in Crimea They brought special saws And with them These stones were sawed like a wood We are here now Yes, this is an underground scheme Quarry scheme, she has the K6 index Under the city we have 103 mines A total of approximately 500 km And given A few more mines – almost 3,000 km And this quarry ? 120 meters Now we will pass the blockage, and where the red dot is also the blockage Was it scratched or did you do it? It was All that is interesting was found in the garbage – on these shelves Tell me, have you ever helped mom wash the dishes? No *music* For 50 years, I managed to find only 2 whole glasses from gas lamps And so we find Fragments only It’s called a pike, it’s a little pike Works no end Yes, under your feet lies a shovel Still dig and dig Everywhere about such words sawdust underfoot It’s just designed for full growth. And if you go to the catacombs Which no one visits, there is usually nowhere to go *music* Thx for watching up to this moment !