The following video has been edited. Nothing is true and is not meant to offend anyone Seoul, Saturday
08:30 AM After a long night, Jin and NamJoon were sleeping hugging each other in the elder’s bed while the rain fell outside The alarm clock started ringing, disturbing both of them sleep. Jin soon hurried to turn him off and yawned soon after, sitting on the bed and consequently coming out of his boyfriend’s strong arms NamJoon has not yet opened his eyes, just spoke in a voice still hoarse from sleep NamJoon: Why do you just put that infernal sound as an alarm clock? SeokJin: For my anger to make me get up NamJoon approached to hug the waist of his hyung and lay the head on his lap comfortably

NamJoon: I don’t want to get up SeokJin: Me neither but now let’s get up and get dressed before YoonGi comes back. The rapper still kept his eyes closed, squeezing the other waist against him.

NamJoon: He knows I’m here NamJoon opened his eyes and raised his head to see that YoonGi had entered without knocking the door

YoonGi: I really hope you guys are not naked anymore. Suga stood there for a moment as he closed the door, realizing that obviously the two of them were naked under the covers.

YoonGi: Eww. NamJoon sighed heavily and Jin laughed softly.

SeokJin: We were about to get up. YoonGi smiled and walked over to the wardrobe to get some sweater.

YoonGi: The manager called and said that today we won’t be able to record because of the rain, so it seems we have the day off. YoonGi: So the lovebirds can stay. YoonGi nodded at the question and NamJoon suddenly looked very excited.
NamJoon: Really? The rapper spoke smiling as he stared at a confused Jin.

NamJoon: In that case I’m going to enjoy it to show you a surprise. Something I’ve been thinking about these days YoonGi rolled her eyes and started walking toward the door.
YoonGi: At least wait I get out of the damn room The couple were silent for a moment, until they looked at each other. SeokJin: So, let’s start? NamJoon: So, before Suga interrupted us, I was thinking, NamJoon: Just guessing, I mean … NamJoon: if you have any …. possibility. Because I really wanted to SeokJin: Why do not you get right to the point? NamJoon: Wait, I’ll get my cell phone. It will be easier. NamJoon grabbed his cell phone on the bedside table and snuggled up next to Jin again NamJoon: I was looking at some comments from our fans The rapper opened Twitter, rolling down to find a photo where the two were together NamJoon: They’ve talked even more about our supposed relationship NamJoon: And I was thinking that maybe we could just tell them. Jin, who had been quietly watching, sighed when he realized they were on the subject again.

SeokJin: You know I wanted to tell a lot, but it is not up to us NamJoon: I just wanted to … Let everyone know that we’re together. NamJoon: That … I knew that you really are mine. NamJoon: After all, since– Before NamJoon could finish, Jin approached and pressed his lips together. They both stared at each other for a few seconds and then started the kiss again, while NamJoon brought him to sit on his lap. Jin stroked the rapper’s clear wires as he ran his hands comfortably over his back and waist After breaking the contact, Jin smiled next to him while running his thumb slowly through the lower lip of the other and leaves a seal on the spot SeokJin: I don’t want you think bullshit, okay? NamJoon nodded with a thin smile.
SeokJin: I’m yours anyway Jin left his arms comfortably on NamJoon’s shoulders who only smiled at the sudden question
SeokJin: So, will we spend the whole day here? NamJoon: I guess its a great idea Jin smiled and presses their lips together again NamJoon separated the kiss and Jin looked at him confused for a few seconds. NamJoon: I love you.