Hello Youtube we are going on date let’s go Isn’t my fashion looks too much? yes lets go get change than No I look cute Fall is here I really like it you face is shinning hold on to it Honey you are wearing cute cloth right? let me see You look awful hahahahahaa You can only do it cuz we are in state where are we going today? Vapiano now we are going to an Italian restaurant oh my… my fashion …. the restaurant is located at Herndon named Vapiano come in the camera Vapiano is a Italian Restaurant Vapiano is little different than other restaurant We will show you in a minute I don’t like Italian food but we are going cuz she loves pasta see you there we just came in the Vapiano cuz it was raining outside we couldn’t record the way in anyway when you get in they hand us the cards like this and you have to use this card to order the food they will save the record in the card so you can pay when you go out I will show you how it works gogogogo this is how it looks like inside there are chef for cooking you can go up to them and ask the food did you choose what you going to eat? one that I always get the same thing go order there is no chef go find chef and ask them told me to wait Raon let me go order mine ok go ahead I am going to order pizza cuz I don’t eat pasta they ask you to tap the card and they do everything for ou My wife over there did you order? / Yup / ok lets go back now I just have to wait for them to call me they cook pasta faster so they just call us without the bell Let me go record how they cook you can see how they cook I just have to wait pasta time guess that one is my wife’s she must ask for the shrimp Honey you already eating by your self? what is that?? is that soy sauce? /balsamic love it~~ her pasta is here spinach, shrimp, cream pasta None of them are tasty all of them are tasty/ spinach, shrimp are not good look at the color, it’s green/ I love it mine is ready they are calling me let me get mine as you see it they raise the plant guess they use it for cooking I always get pizza cuz i don’t have not much thing to eat here BBQ pizza BBQ Chicken pizza thank you for the meal ah… too many tomatoes inside why didn’t you ask light tomato/ I forgot shrimp too hot… she so happy this is too hot to hold…. can you finish it? / of course (u want some?) No you not getting any I don’t even want it I don’t even want it did you like it? / I liked it now we have to go and pay should we go to Ice cream store? lets go you have to give the card back to pay can you hold it so I can pay? alright let’s walk around it is raining but not too bad its raining….. / lets gogogogo to Ice cream store what are you doing …. Gag concert had this thing long time ago embarrassing am I embarrassing? yup/ (whatever) I like the weather really I love the cool air why you walking so fast (ok i walk slow) gosh… you what u said slow/ that was too slow i like this weather than sunny not hot at all…./ if its not raining it would be perfect I know right? holding camera will make me buff…. my arm is tired we are at the Ice cream store small Ice Latte for me okay …. what should i get? i want tangerine ok get tangerine Ice cream…. tangerine vanilla for me thank you for Ice cream yummy bought this for mix with coffee… but I love it self look at his face that means he doesn’t like it this more taste like Citron after you drink citron tea there is citron skin left over Jeeyoung: you love citron tea right I love that but not the skin and it hurt my tongue that i bit before Latte also good/ (mine)just ok …. I like yours taste like skin of tangerine feeling like eating Kumquat I love Kumquat / taste like eating skin and tangerine together (enough) vanilla is good eating Kumquat…. yummy~~ yea it is…. wish it was more sweet /
Picky what….? / are we done ? what are you doing? oh.. my…. I did not finish my Ice cream…. it wasn’t for me…. / he always does that cup holder for me wish I can go home now… but Jeeyoung wants to go to Sephora…. Jeeyoung: just for look around I have to follow her cuz i dont have any option…. I really don’t want to go but…. this woman…. make me going cuz we have nothing to do…./ how happy I am… ahahahha we have nothing to do anyway we can watch movie at home we recently started to watch the marvel movies again so we can do that but…. she wants…. we are going to watch it anyway/ yea we are going to I want that not the the Sephora Now we are a beauty youtuber are we beauty youtuber? what do you need from here? I need… BB cream do you need that? yup! why?? so I can be handsome … people will watch us more (whatever) look at the Cosmetics shop light (looks better) yea it is (beauty youtuber) like this and watch this like this hahahah Cosmetics shop has good light that’s why people buy it here cuz they look nice and pretty but when you go outside it looks the same as what i have at home its all trick we couldn’t record inside…./ we did not buy anything we just did eye shop and unfortunately we have to go home now….. at home…. unfortunately we have to go home and take rest honey you look happy? lets go home and watch movie lets just chill at home this place is……. Reston town center in Herndon we ate at Vapiano and had coffee at some??? coffee shop Some coffee shop??? / I Don’t know Gelato shop we ate Ice cream that is taste like Kumquat at Gelato shop and now we are going home today… we did a short and simple vlog we will stop here~~ byebye~~~