Monsoon has finally arrived so we all would
be craving for evening snacks Before we get cooking, you can get the recipe
at lets get cooking. Firstly will start with Aloo Murmure, Grate
the potatoes like this or if you have good knife skills you can cut them into thin sticks
Once they have been grated, wash them in water for 3 to 4 times, to remove the starch. Soak grated potatoes in cold water for 5 mins. Drain the water completely. Spread them on a clean kitchen cloth to absorb
water. Once the moisture is completely absorbed,
Heat oil for deep frying in a Kadhai. Keep it on low-medium flame. Once the oil is hot, drop few strips of potatoes
in oil and fry till it turns crispy. Remove from the oil and proceed with the next
batch of potato strips. Drain the excess oil from fried potato strips
with the help of absorbent tissue paper. In the same oil, fry curry leaves and peanuts
Mix curry leaves and peanuts with fried potato strips. Sprinkle pepper powder and salt. Mix everything well. So, quick and easy aloo murmure is ready
For potato sev grind boiled potatoes with a tablespoon of
water and keep it aside in a bowl add chickpea flour,
Rice floor turmeric
Pepper powder red chili powder
salt mix well
now add the potato paste make the smooth dough, you can add a spoon
of water to bring it together add oil as the dough will be sticky
take a press with set player grease the inside well with oil
fill the prepared dough Heat enough oil in a kadhai. O
once hot, put the flame to medium and immediately squeeze a layer, spread in the oil. Do not layer more than one as it will not
turn crispy. Once bubble reduces, flip and cook for 1/2
minute. Drain over the paper towel. Repeat to finish the dough. you can break them store them in an airtight
container. Wash the potatoes thoroughly in running water,
else while frying potatoes its gets brown very quickly due to starch. Don’t skip the ste[ f soaking in cold water,
as the air pockets will be sealed and it makes the strips crunchy
After draining cold water from potatoes, don’t leave them in the air for the longer time
to get dry, in cloth remove excess water as much as you can, then go ahead and fry.
for potato setting, the dough will be sticky grease your hands while kneading the dough,
also the press. you can use bigger holes plate which makes
squeezing very easy. for flavor along with potato you can add pudina
ginger as well. Do not layer more than one as it will not
turn crispy. Thank you so much for watching the video,
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