>>Sandia Representative: (I want to) welcome you all to the 2018 Sandia Wind Blade Workshop.>>John Schroeder, Professor, Atmospheric Science: The workshop’s been going on since 2004.>>Anna Thomas, Interim Senior Director, National Wind Institute: Traditionally, Sandia National Labs has put this on in Albuquerque, and this was the first year that Texas Tech has had the opportunity to host it in Lubbock, Texas.>>John Schroeder: The relationship really started about seven years ago or so when Sandia was moving their blade test facility that had originally been up in the Texas panhandle for many years, and they were looking for a new site, and they ended up picking Texas Tech in part because we are a great university and we have a great history in studying the wind.>>Anna Thomas: You really see a very broad array of expertise, and one of the best aspects of this workshop is that all of the participants get really involved in the technical discussions. So, it really is a great tool for stimulation as we look at the wind energy industry and progressing it.>>John Schroeder: What you see is the next generation of the rotors, the next things we’ll see out in a wind farm are being developed by the people that are attending this conference, so it’s really a mixture of public, private, academic interests all mixing together here at Texas Tech, and that’s a tremendous opportunity for us because through that partnership with Sandia and the workshop, you bring all these participants to Lubbock and expose them not only to Lubbock but Texas Tech and also the National Wind Institute which is a great thing.