~Music~ Introducing La Crosse Technology’s new Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station with AccuWeather Forecast. As its name suggests, this station has the
ability to connect to the Internet, and in turn send your station and sensor data right
to your smartphone using our intuitive LaCrosse View app. There, you’ll have the freedom to monitor
all of your device locations on the go, set custom alerts for each of those locations, share data with family and friends, and even enhance the information visible on your
in-home display. When connected to the Internet, your station’s
time and date will automatically be updated, and you’ll begin to receive AccuWeather
forecast data, including: Daily Forecasted Highs and Lows, Chance of Precipitation Values, Advanced Forecast Icons, Wind Direction, and even future weather predictions
for your next 12 hours, all the way through the next 7 days. With this station, you’ll be able to monitor
real-time temperature and humidity, rain, and wind conditions coming right from your backyard. And with built-in sensors designed for measuring
your indoor conditions, combined with the included Bonus Display, you’ll have the ability to monitor sensitive areas inside your home as well. So enjoy having all of your weather information
available at a glance, and the comfort of knowing your home is being monitored with a new Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station from
La Crosse Technology. ~Music~