What’s going on YouTube? So mid-size sedans were once a segment of boring and basic Transportation, but Hyundai kicked off a style revolution back in 2011, and now they’re amping it up again with this all-new 2020 Sonata In addition to being stylish it comes with tons of new tech features for the Hyundai brand All of which will be able to show you today with this fully loaded limited model Now, of course, we do want to take a second to thank our good friends at gates Hyundai in Richmond Kentucky for giving us such quick access to it And if you’re in the market for any new Hyundai, we encourage you to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website Which we provided a link to in the video description So with that all said, let’s see if this new Sonata has toppled the segment leaders You So kicking things off with the all new exterior Hyundai has certainly been putting out some bold designs recently. And this is no exception The grill takes up nearly the entire front end of the vehicle and is always finished in this metallic black mesh which either makes very cool stealthy look when the outside is black like this model or a Bold contrast look when a lighter color is chosen It is worth noting though that the base SE has a slightly more conservative lease But as far as things that stand out the grille has nothing on these headlights The main part of the cluster is fully led on every single trim and has a relatively normal shape But you’ll notice that the daytime running light actually Extends up the hood of the car When the vehicle is off this area will just appear as a continuation of the normal chrome trim, but when the car is on Hyundai’s patented system allows it to light up This is a cool trick that also looks very nice in person Now as far as the rest of the styling it too is very bold in style Orient Honestly, the rear design looks like nothing else on the road let alone a midsize sedan with a trunk that’s bent to make a spoiler and LED tail lights that cross the entire back and Then to finish off the design there is a single exhaust outlet with two tips on all but the SE So overall I have to say that I am a fan of what Hyundai has done here This is an incredibly stylish offering that stands out from all the other competition in all the right ways Now checking out the wheels here there are several different designs for the different trim levels This being the limited of course means we have the largest offering 18-inch gray and black contrast alloys The SEL Plus also has 18 inches with a darker design the SEL with 17 inches And then the SE with 16 inch alloys Heading on up to the mirrors all but the base model has heating surprisingly also blind spot monitoring And while we’re on the topic of safety systems It’s worth mentioning that Hyundai has expanded their entire smart set safety suite to the entire Sonata lineup That means that even the base model will come with forward emergency braking Lane-keeping assist with lane centering Auto high beam headlights and adaptive cruise with stop and go abilities This definitely now gives the Sonata one of the more comprehensive Suites in the class Anyways guys that’s all there is to discuss with this stylish exterior So now let’s go ahead and see if the interior is just as exciting Now on the 2020 sonata Every trim except for the very base model will come standard with their smart entry system. However, that’s not what’s really cool about this bar What is cool about the 2020 Sonata is that you have a new system called digital key Now a few other brands have things similar to this but it basically allows you to get in and out of the car without even Having the key on you So you can keep this key card as well as through your phone You can install an application and it will work via the NFC Near Field Communication system or like I said You can use this card now to get in with this card as you can see since this model that just came in It’s got some instructions on it. You can read it right there. But you’re just gonna kind of tap it right there You can see that the car unlocked right when I did that We stick that in my pocket there and I’ll just reach in and open it up All right, so checking out this cabin and the all-new 2020 Sonata as you can see It really has a completely different design language than the outgoing model as well as most of the other Hyundai models in the lineup Now talking about the interior material and color options. Of course each trim does have a different selection here So on your SE and your SEL, those are going to come standard with cloth seating in black or grey going for your SEL plus That’s going to come with a leatherette trim seat with suede inserts in the middle as black only since that’s kind of the Sport trim Option and then when you go for this limited as well as optional on the SEL That’s where you’ll get the real leather seating and you have black gray or caramel colors Now turning over here to your door trim, of course, it is very nicely finished You have leather trim that goes all through here as well as above it through here and the top part is soft touch as well On the limited trim you have two-person memory seating and in your driver and passenger windows our one touch automatic Heading down here to your seat. It is 8 way power just Inglot to a lumbar and all but the very base model Which is manual adjusting And then like I was saying this is real leather Definitely looks and feels very premium and I like the unique design So as you can see this new Sonata certainly has a very upscale looking cabin And as far as the materials they are also very upscale Now across your very upper part of the dash here. This is a hard touch plastic However, the vast majority of everything else is covered in this very nice leatherette material with a stitching detail Driving down below that we have a soft touch plastic that goes through here And then our lower areas here. They are hard touch but everything feels extremely well-put-together As you can see fit and finish is fantastic Now on the SEL and up press the buttons now I should mention that things started up here because I do have both the regular key and this digital key card but if you had just this Key card here you what you to do is come down into the vehicle and set it right there on that NFC Pad which is also your wireless phone charger But anyways now returning back up here to our gauges there are several different arrangements You’ve got a traditional Version with a three and a half inch display on the base one a four and a half inch display on the SEL but then once you get up here to the limited or optional on the SEL you have this really really nice twelve point three inch digital fully reconfigurable display So, of course you do have different settings So what you do is use this button to toggle between the center and the side and each one has its own settings So as you can see right now We’re on this side so we can scroll through all this information then we can press the button and this will jump us in here to the Middle section and then we have another set of information that we can change and whatnot over here And then to be entirely honest guys this is probably the Probably the best resolution I’ve seen on any vehicle outside of Audi’s virtual cockpit like it. It’s really that high quality Now in addition to that the limited will also throw in a head-up display It’s a little hard to see right now just from the angle of it, but it is also reconfigurable You can change it with this information out here. So you can change things like the font color and the size and whatnot Now coming back to the steering wheel Of course, you have electric power assisted steering and it is nicely a leather wrapped on the SEL plus and the limited model It is also hid on this limited only or optional on the SEL convenience package But as you can see, this is the newest Hyundai design definitely very nice looking Like I said, you’ve got these buttons for your digital display. There. It is manually tilt and telescoping across all the models. Oh And one thing I did forget to mention is the blind spot camera system that’s standard on the limited only and how that works Is you’re basically just press Your turn signal and you can see it activates a camera located on that side to actually show you your blind spot and it does works The opposite direction as well All right now moving on to interior storage the 2020 Sonata certainly has plenty of it So we’ll start out in our center console here as you can see This is pretty generously sized for this class. And we do have a felt lining down at the bottom Over here, we have our two cupholders And then up here in the front. We have a really really large Bin here, you know you can stick just about anything up here Like I’ve already mentioned this is both an NFC and a wireless phone charging pad standard on the limited or optional on both the SCL Plus and a regular one and then we also have a 12-volt outlet charging USB regular USB as well Now back behind that we have one of our biggest changes here with this all new Sonata and that’s how we go to a the digital shifter that we saw in the Palisade It’s very simple to use. Of course. That’s just push button. So you’re just gonna press the D for Drive When you choose to get the SEL plus or the limited you will also find paddle shifters up here on the steering wheel And then you collect the are to go into reverse now when we go into reverse on this limited only we will find a 360 degree camera system, of course You do have active trajectory front and rear parking sensors, and then you can change the views right here by pressing these buttons Different settings, of course as well All the rest of the models just come with a regular backup camera And then also here on the limited model when you’re in Reverse Both of the mirrors will tilt down to help you see the parking lines better And then your electronic parking brake that’s standard on all models and it’s located right over here Behind the shifter you will find a few more buttons. This is for your auto brake hold. We also have our drive mode controller so as you can see you have four different drive modes each one changes the design So that’s certainly very cool and what I really want to talk about though. Is this system right here This is a parking assistant. This is a class exclusive I really actually never heard of this outside of anything non luxury at all but what this does as you can see, we just you would press that button that would activate the forward or backwards parking assistant what you do then is get out of the vehicle and you can then use these buttons here to Guide the vehicle back into its parking spot or out of its parking spot You know without you even in the car So that’s certainly a very cool feature allows you to park in and out of really tight spots that you maybe can’t comfortably get in and out of And like I said that is class-exclusive and I believe the first mainstream car I’ve ever seen with that feature Now heading on up to our climate controls here this is the dual zone automatic setup It comes standard on all but the very base model, of course, it is very simple to use you Just use these big knobs here to adjust your temperature and you do have toggles for all the other controls physically locate it right here Now off to your side to you, this is where you’ll find your seat controls We do have three states the heating standard on all that the very base model But the three stage ventilation comes standard on the limited only Alright so now that’s gonna bring us up here to our audio system All of the trims leading up to the limited come standard with a six speaker sound system like most in the class But once you get to the limited or you can option it onto the lower trims That’s where you’ll get a 12 speaker Bose premium sound system. So let’s go ahead and take a sample Sound quality of this system is definitely excellent Alright, so now we’re gonna take a look at our blue link system here Now I’m not gonna go into all of the details because it is pretty much the same as in other Hyundai models But I will point out a few of the features that are really special and exclusive to this car The first thing I noticed right off the bat is the resolution. This is definitely the highest quality Display I’ve seen at any Hyundai Kia product Definitely really really nice quality and matches well with the high quality of this digital gauge cluster here now as far as the displays what you’ll be looking at is a Standard 8 inch display on all the models except for this limited and this has the ten point two five inch widescreen Display which can just put a little bit more Information on you can’t option this display on to both the SEL or the SEL plus if you prefer to do that Now as far as navigation, this is the built-in navigation system. This is standard on just the limited trim However, of course if you go for one of the lower trims that’s going to come still with Android auto and apple carplay From the home screen. You can swipe over here to see a list of all your applications I did notice this interesting one here. I’ve never seen on any other Hyundai product. It’s called sounds of nature And as you can see when you press into that It brings you to the sounds of nature. This is a lively forest. We can switch to different types of sounds rain cafe So that’s a pretty interesting feature, I’m not really sure why they’re trying to relax you while you’re driving Seems like something that might put you to sleep so I wouldn’t use that very late at night if you’re gonna use it But anyways guys, that’s pretty much all I’m gonna talk about here We do as always have a dedicated technical video about the blue link system If you want to learn more details about it a link to that video is provided in the description now Moving up above that. We do have an auto dimming mirror with your built-in Homelink Universal remotes on the SEL plus and a limited And then we have one of the nicest features for a midsize sedan And that’s that we have a interim in the roof here on the limited model. This is pretty rare for the class There are only a couple other rivals that offer it and you can also option this on to both the SEL and SEL plus What anyways guys that is going to sum up everything I have to look at in the front of this premium cabin So now go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason who will check out all the back areas So turning and looking at the all-new sonatas rear door trim You are going to be very pleasantly surprised especially here on the limited since you do have leather going all the way through here All the way on your armrest and that same integrated door handle design Now down below that we just some door storage a bottle holder Now in the back in terms of amenities you are going to find a few features back here However, it is a little bit less than a lot of its rivals so these were events will be standard on the top-end limited trim and Also looking down below that you will find a smart charging USB port which is also only standard on the limited I do also want to point out that heated rear seats are not available on the Sonata Now turning over and look at the armrest that’s pulled down you have cup holders inside And up top you do have your sister grip coat hook and panoramic moonroof Now in terms of space the Sonata does fall a little bit behind Some of the rivals is technically rated at 35 inches of rear legroom and 38 inches of rear headroom Which does place it around five inches smaller than the Honda Accord And also smaller than the Toyota Camry However, in terms of space behind drew sitting position. I’m really not having any issues still I still probably have Six to eight inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat So I don’t think that most people are gonna have any issues back here in terms of space even though it is a little bit Less than its rivals Now heading around to the trunk to open it All you have to do is look at this little top portion on the Hyundai emblem push it and it will open right up And as you can see, it is dampened to open all the way up almost like a power trunk Now in terms of the actual space back here you are gonna find 16 cubic feet of space Which unlike the rear seat measurements actually puts it at the top into the class that’s better than the camry about just a tad bit below the Honda Accord and Hyundai has finished it very nicely back here. So we do have a cargo net Floorboard is carpeted nicely and underneath we do have our spare tire in Addition to that the seats do also fold 60/40 split Now turning over to the seat itself it is power adjusting on this limited trim that is an exclusive feature for the limited In front of the passenger you have that unique design and down below that a good sized glove box that is dampened and A pop we do have a Sun Visor with a mirror and a separated leg It does also detach and extend as well But anyway guys that sums up all the practical stuff about this all-new Sonata So now let’s go ahead and get it on the road and see how it performs against this competition there All right, so first digging off here in this 2020 Sonata this is the 1.6. Liter turbo Now with this car, what’s interesting about it? Just right off the bat here is you’ve got two different engine options One neither of them are say more powerful than the other they’re more or less equal in line so what you’ll be looking at is a naturally aspirated two and a half liter four cylinder on the Basic model and that’s going to come with 191 horsepower Then when you go to the SEL plus or this limited model that’s going to get you that 1.6 liter turbo four-cylinder That actually comes with less horsepower 180 even but more torque it’s gonna be 195 pound-feet of torque versus the standard models 181 So like I said really in the real world, those numbers are close enough that you pretty much gonna feel the same So it’s kind of a little bit of an interesting arrangement to have It set up like that now there will very likely be an N-Line version that comes later on as a performance offering there to replace the previous 2-liter turbo, but as far as how the power felt Definitely feels very good What we had noticed kind of getting up to the Testing grounds or whatever is that it definitely feels very torquey. It has a real spunky feel to it here with this turbo engine So you definitely launch off hard and it feels like something, you know more powerful than the average thing in the class You know, and another thing that I do want to touch on We can speak for this turbo because this is the 1.6 liter turbo, but I do find that it’s very quiet and refined Pretty similar to Honda’s 1.5 liter turbo time in terms of refinement and I really like that now Obviously, we haven’t driven the regular one, but I assume this will be quieter and a lot more refined Yeah here very little engine at all even under heavy throttle applications Of course we’re on a back road here and this gives us a chance to kind of you know, test out how much the handling has improved and I can definitely say big step up Really like the way that it handles I don’t know if the camera can pick up on it But it stays really flat as your corner and it has a very agile feel to it And I do want to take a moment to discuss the right quality of this all-new Sonata Now we had actually never been in the previous generation. So we can’t comment on how the right quality compares to that But what I can’t comment about is how it compares to most of its rivals like the Accord and Camry To me. It seems pretty much average with that type of vehicle. It’s very quiet in here know everyone’s gonna be very happy You’re gonna have tons of space And really it’s you’re not paying really any price for the sporty driving dynamics that really hyundai has made with this new model I’m gonna go ahead and do is bump into the sport mode Because it changes the gauges I get pointed out which really cool animations. These are very very nice gauge. Just love the game See if it makes any difference here with the steering It does tighten this up here definitely a lot more boosted You know, so you turn a little bit less you get more response and it’s just overall heavier feeling As far as the star response just like almost every sport mode Definitely dials that up So that right as soon as you get on the throttle you get an immediate response Yet the sales probably the most surprising thing about this really is that it’s a Really kind of sporty and this is just the limited trim, you know, this is not one that pre chance to really have support You know ideas. It is a design to be luxurious but yet, you know, put it in sport mode and as the has that dual character. Yeah, and the agile chassis really pulls it off actually very happy with it As far as the transmission we have an 8-speed automatic transmission that’s going to be standard across every single Sonata And it is front-wheel drive only third. They don’t have an option for all-wheel drive at this time as you know A couple of the rivals have started to do that too it will be coming out with the AWD Camry about January I believe and Also, the ultimate of course has all-wheel drive After say, I’m really enjoying how spunky this feels Now you might be curious to see if that Spunky engine cost you fuel economy wise and the answer to that is actually gonna be no so if you go for the SEL plus trim or the limited you’re gonna get that turbo engine that’s going to come in at 27 City 36 highway 31 combined Which is right in line with the best offerings in the class And if you go for the more basic trims and get that naturally aspirated engine That’s actually not going to question fuel economy. Either over the turbo so that’s going to be 28 city 38 highway 32 combined for the SEL or se and then for the sco is going to drop one mpg a 231 combined so pretty much same fuel economy for both the turbo and naturally aspirated engines and it is at the top of its class So all and I’ll have to say highly impressed by this all-new Sonata You know, it has a lot of class exclusive features a lot of technology inside of this car You know and I this was going through the review I was like I really like this or like this. This is great. I Was really wanting to see you know, the driving can it? You know keep up with because the Camry in Accord frankly. They drive very nicely at this point I can say the answer to that question is Definitely. Yes It has an excellent balance between both sport and luxury even here on this limited model You know, and I’m really pleased with all the upgrades that Hyundai has been doing recently to driving dynamics So overall, you know You’re in the market for a midsize sedan. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice If you don’t come out and check out 2020 Sonata All righty, and now that we’ve seen the all new Sonata, let’s go ahead and talk about the pricing now You will be happy to know that the prices rise less than a thousand dollars across all the trim levels Which is really good for an all-new vehicle And it still has a great value for the class. So Starting out with the SE trim that’s gonna come in at twenty-three thousand four hundred dollars Now if you want the SEL that’s twenty-five thousand five hundred the SEL plus is twenty seven thousand Four hundred and fifty and then you finally have this model which is the limited and that comes in a thirty three thousand three hundred dollars Now our limited does have a few accessories So we do have the carpeted floor mats for 135 the cargo net for fifty the cargo tray for 115 through a bumper applique for seventy and The wheel locks for fifty five and then finally when you end the destination charge of nine hundred and thirty dollars This particular model has equipped comes in thirty four thousand six hundred and fifty five bucks And that is pretty much I think that’s really as high as it gets for the Sonata lineup Which is quite remarkable Considering that a lot of its main rivals the stuff that it competes with like the camry can go over forty thousand dollars fully loaded So you are getting that extreme value here in the Sonata and a lot of really nice tech features in this model Well guys we hope you enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth looks at the all-new 2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited We really appreciate you watching and be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time as you sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!