To prepare for the up coming “24H Thử Yêu” show, we have a plan We survey audiences of “24H Thử Yêu” about character they want to pair There are many artists are paired by fans Hello. Can you introduce yourself? Hello. My name is Ha Man I’m a first-year student of Hutech university I’ve watched “24H Thử Yêu” before I think it is an adorable show Artists in this show is like real life If I could pair an artist couple I would pair Win D with Nam Phuong The reason that I pair them together is because I follow them o n Youtube They have a lot of adorable video clips I think Win D is humorous and Nam Phuong is lovely and pretty If I could pair an artist couple I would pair Win D and “Bống sister” I… know them via Win D’s youtube These two are very perfect and they often joke to each other on Win D’s stream If I could pair an artist couple I would pair Win D and Nam Phuong And I hope that they will have an enjoyable experience in “24H Thử Yêu” show At Beau Tea Coffee shop, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City A lovely place for the characters paired by an audience Hello everyone, I’m Nguyen Minh Duy, they usually call me “Win D” I’m 24 years old I come from the Southwestern region I’m currently a game streamer on YouTube and Facebook The ideal girlfriend type I like the most is easy-going , approachable, friendly Hello everyone, I’m Nam Phuong I’m 20 years old I work and study in Hoc Chi Minh City My currently job is youtuber Honestly, when I and Win D collaborated it it seemed that fans paired me with Win D many times When I heard it at first, I was really happy and surprised when knowing Win D and I have received a lot of supports Our videos gained more views I was really happy but after a while it seemed to get out of our control I’m a little nervous now To be honest, I think our relationship’s still unchanged Because both of us are busy with our schedules We met just to discuss our work I work with Nam Phuong almost depending on our work We’ve never dated, gone out for meals, watched movies, drunk… Never ever Just because between Nam Phuong and I, it’s all about work what will it be if they love each other? When I participate in this show I’m really nervous now because I’ve never loved anyone before So I’m shaking right now and I’m afraid that I will become too clumsy during the date but I want to try this At first, when I know that I will participate in “24H Thử Yêu” I feel a little bit suspensed because I’ve never been in a loving relationship with anybody else Never loved, never dated before publicly like this so I’m shaking and don’t know what it will be The first meeting Hello (galant) Thank you This place is very beautiful Are you tired? No, I’m not When I came here, I recieved this one Who will read this? Me or you? Let’s read together OK “Welcome to “24H Thử Yêu” Milestone #1: First meeting Both of you will talk about love and find each other’s ideal type Find each other’s ideal type? They mean, “What do you want from an ideal lover? Kinda like that! You must set the rules during dating such as call each other with loving name? “Loving” means “cuddle”? You’re “Cud” and I am “Dle”? Intimate gestures Who breaks the rule will be punished Which means we have to call that nickname the whole time Yes OK I feel a little bit awkward We’ve only talked about work before Now we have to talk about love, types of ideal lover… I’m so shy You and I… we haven’t gone out together yet? Only filming?
Filming Apart from filming…
It’s all about filming We’ve never have a private time together What type of girl do you like? Like you You have to explain what it be I usually like a girl who is outgoing and approachable Friendly?
Yes, friendly Am I friendly? You? Many people tell me that I’m rather unfriendly I will check if you’re friendly or not like the others say During our work, you didn’t feel I was friendly? Thank you Thank you Should we eat now? Uhm According to the rules, we have to call each other with “loving” names You are “Bóng”, right?
– “Bống” not “Bóng” Bóng
– Bống Bóng
– Bống Bóng
– Bống “Bống” fish
– OK “Bống” fish So Can I call you “Catfish”? You can call me by another name. I’m The Cat in12 animal designations What about you? You’re The Cat? So I’ll call you “Cat” You can call me “Mèo” ( Vietnamese meaning of “cat”) “Mèo”? How about your? I’m The Dog Call me “dog”? “Mèo” is so weird Meo?
– Miu? Miu? What do they usually name the dogs? “Puppy” sounds cute Puppy? To talk about a dog OK. Puppy “Puppy” Brother It sounds so cute How do you feel about our fans pair us together? A lot of emotions
– A lot?
Yes I don’t know how to say At first, I was happy And then, I feel a little …
– Overwhelmed?
Pressured Yes because I’ve got feeling that… you filmed with many different people
– Yes Because I have to record a film I filmed with many boys, paired with them They kept on talking about that At first, it was comfortable but then it became too stereotyped Too stereotyped, right? At times, viewers have keen eyes by looking, they know which couple suits each other more and then, they will talk about it very much, you know? Today, we’ll try dating each other? Yes We will go on a date together The next page Milestone #2: Officially Dating You both will have to finish a painting and here are the requirements Your hands will be tied together and you have to hold hands during painting Painting? Do you know how to paint?
– Nope I know You know?
– Yes So I’ll let you paint alone No, no, you can’t give up like that, our hands will be tied together.
– I know, I’ll let loose to help you paint more easily Officially Dating They move to the next place Will they overcome the challenge? It is extremely awkward but I feel normal because coming to this show you and me talk more openly We can say anything, right? When we are filming, we completely follow the script Are you worried about the up coming challenge? Such as tieing our hands together while painting I’m not worried too much. I’m just afraid of making you feel shy Be afraid of holding hand? To me, it’s OK If we film together, we freely hold hand Now I feel so shy Why are you scratching your head? Huh? Oh, I’m concerned that you feel shy I think you’re shy too
– No, i’m normal Your hand is not too big Really not too big Why your skin looks so white and bright? It’s just a natural skin Genre?
– Yes, genre. I’ve never meet anybody else holding my hand and … like this? What do you mean? In movies, they hold hands in a very comfortable way You feel like holding the gear stick of the car So what do you really mean? Just relax
– I’m totally relaxed
I don’t see that I only worry that you’re shy Do you feel relaxed? I’m a little less shy now They are at Tipsy Art, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City Hello both of you Do you come here to paint?
– Yes Follow me Before painting, you will choose what to paint first Over there This one? That’s it
– It seems difficult Now, I will instruct you how to paint this This is acrylic color
you can use it to paint on shirts so you both must be careful not to let them make you clothes dirty Once your clothes are contaminated, it’s hard to wash them I will guide you in the easiest way and then you will paint it yourselves Look at this picture Paint the background first Paint this cloth in white first And then we’ll paint from top to bottom with different shades of blue When we finish the background, use this sponge to create clouds You can create clouds with either this sponge or your fingers After finishing the background, we move on the house It has the shape like a cube so you adjust brightness and shadow to make it more real Afterward, all you need to do is coloring it You’re free to choose the colors for balloons. You can add hearts, birds… to this Wish you best luck
– Thank you Now we’ll have make it all white Paint the dark blue over here But it’s already white, why do we have to paint it white? I mean you should blend it with this color We should finish this I have an idea. We paint this in blue then create white dots above it will become rather dark Right? The blue…
– I’ll follow you follow me?
– Yes So shall we paint it all in white? hey, take it Are you left-handed or right-handed? Right-handed OK you should stand here Should I use this hand? It’s like teacher teaching student how to write on the blackboard Now we will fulfill this space?
– No, you let the paint contaminate the background Paint it up Just a little I think it’s enough you want more? Right? OK. Let’s move on I feel we are painting…
– Rather pale? I know how to paint
– Do you?
Yes So I’ll let you paint alone We seem to paint a little violently I paint as “softly” as I can Something scratched my arm Be careful, your hand with get hurt Can you hold my hand in a more romantic manner? How? How can I hold your hand romantically? Is that a dot? No, it’s a heart Here Niceu What is “Niceu”? When a game player says “nice”, it means “good” or “well done” We’re done, right? Ours looks nicer My picture is so beautiful
– Huh?
The picture is so beautiful Am I not beautiful?
– Ah, I forgot to look at you You’ve gone too far After finishing this challenge with tied hands together I thought it would be simple that was really difficult for us When holding hands and painting, Win D and I really struggled a lot and couln’t decide who would control the paintbrush We had different ways of painting So we seemed not to blend each other well to finish the painting in the best way At first, he held my hand and painted like this I felt he simply painted without thinking and without softness and romance as well I can’t describe how it felt when holding Phuong’s hand I even don’t know if I was painting at that time or not becuase I only thought of holding her hand like she sent me some signals with her hand that made my brain only focus on her So I’ve got a lot of complex feelings I think Win D lacks a little romance because if he was a romantic man, he would know how to hold a lady’s hands more softly But he’s a little stiff, perhaps he only played games before So the way he held my hand was a little irritating I really like the feeling when both lovers do a same thing share a same heartbeat I think that’s a wonderful thing Let’s play “picking up stuffed animal” game at Pick Me Up Is this what you like? The boy should pick up at least one for the girl OK, we’ll go there If the boy succeeds, he’ll be rewarded with a kiss if not, he’ll be punished. How will I be punished? They don’t write it down. Punishment? Perhaps we have to come up with it?
– I think it’s also a kiss No, no It should be different
– I think they mean it too No, it’s different
– How different Your kiss and my kiss are different, right?
– Totally different if you fail, you have to put me on your back and then crouch 10 times Stand up and sit down? No Please
– I will carry you on my back and walk around this place Sounds good. Ok Do you think you can succeed it? I think I can Which cute one do you want me to pick up? Here it is That horse, right?
– No, it’s a giraffe Why does it move so fast? Help me please
– It started already? Let me pick it up That one Let me Oh Ah, do you pick up… the air? You should grab its legs its legs? Ok, I will try again I’ve got a feeling that it doesn’t… What?
– The crane seems unable to grab its legs tight I’ve tried many times before You pick the closer one I think I will pick up the one over there Grab it You see, it moves this way Done? Yes, I did it Wow How many stuffed animals do you want more? How many animals did you say earlier?
– Huh?
How many animals did you say earlier? One animal for one kiss Do you want more? I can do that
– Do it please The bigger the harder, right?
– Yep So I will also kiss you “harder” Right? Why only a few seconds? OMG, the crane is too weak to even grab the head, how can I pick up this one? I only have 40.000 dong Should we only play one more time?
– I can try twice more Just one more time
– Once more? Ok, let’s play now Why should it be that one? because I like it No Why does it… Wait a little Time’s up What I expected is not that he will succeed it is the moment he carries me on his back and walks around there He said he would do it if he failed I wish he failed OK I will carry you on my back from here Alright but I don’t know why… Why are you breathing so hard? I feel like I was fooled. I remember I picked up one successfully Why do I have to… Ok
– Then I will have to crouch down, right? One One Two
– I’m light I know, I didn’t complain anything One more time
– Three… OK I shouldn’t have played that round but now I want to try one more time Why does it become like that? Hey, it’s not fair, I almost got it do not play that sound It always teases me You finally got this one
– Yes Now we have two
– I’m so tired You’re sweating Now you’ve picked up one and I will have to…reward you Is is called reward, right? Reward… but you’re sitting a little far from me Huh? What did you say? Look, that donkey can ride What? Where? Just one is enough
– Ok What about the last one? It’s done, let’s go go somewhere else Showing your bad habits I’ve got this notebook again We will continue with the milestone #3: “Showing your bad habits” Both of you got a challenge playing a game Put this on your head Insert food on it and you’ll have to eat them all If you fail, you’ll pick one of these questions and answer honestly about your bad habits Now, let’s play Play rock, paper, scissors, ok? Who loses will play first?
– Ok I think we put on it first them insert food later Tie the string It doesn’t damage your hair Are you ready? You’re not allowed to try in advance OMG My mouth can’t catch them I’ll give you 5 seconds
Five…Four… Three… Two…One… You lost This may be born to intentionally make us lose Intentionally?
– You try and see You should have catched them all Now, choose yourself a question first If you can win, then it’s my turn How many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2 times 2 times?
– In the morning and at night Do you often brush your teeth?
– Of course I doubt it this must be your question if I didn’ lose first How could it be mine? It won’t be my turn unless you can win this Really?
– Yes Keep your head still until it stops running Yeah I’ve never eaten a candy this hard Why does it pass away? I can’t eat Now you know how hard it is It runs in circles Why does it run so fast? Nothing there for me to eat Tell about 3 bad habits of yours? that’s absurd Tell about 3 bad habits of yours? My three bad habits? I have bad habits such as I’m either lazy or hard-working Which is more than another?
– Both are equal It wil be like 3 lazy days, 3 hard-working days, followed by 3 lazy days and then 3 hard-working days… The second one? The second bad habit is both my strength and weakness What is it? I’m very self-confident
– I think that’s a good thing It’s not counted as a bad habit I mean if I become self-confident uncontrollably, I will become “outrageous” “Outrageous”? How could it be that horrible You mean you’re just over-confident?
– That’s it The third bad habit is what a man shouldn’t have I’m also quite annoyed due to it. It’s that I’m shy with girls. Shy with girls?
– Yes I still don’t get it? You mean that you’re afraid of being near them?
– That’s right Like when I saw you, I didn’t dare to talk So how can you flirt with other girls? That’s why I’m still single now What’s your ideal girlfriend type?
– Just like you You have to eat one and then…
– and then you will do this? It’s so strange There it is One, two, three Keep it still for me
– Ok What is the worst thing ever when you cook? Do you know how to cook?
– I can cook a little I can make food for myself I can cook well if I’m not under pressure Have you ever cooked a whole meal? By far, I only supported my mom and have never cooked the whole meal The worst thing? I think I’ve never met this case That’s when I cook, the outcome is not what I expected It fails, right?
– Yeah You mean your dish is not delicious or hard to digest I imagined you would burn out the kitchen or kinda like that
– No Let me do it Don’t look at me like that It looks like you’re gonna eat me up I press it now Can you eat marshmallow? What is marshmallow?
– These The more I try to catch them, the further it gets, why? Time’s up Are you romantic? Romantic?
– Are you romantic? I still don’t know the true definition of “romantic” kind of tender, emotional… I think “romantic” is like we got married already when the wife comes home, pink candles, dim lights two glasses of wine on the table and bed of roses… That’s “romantic” right?
– Kinda like that I don’t think it’s “romantic” Have you ever expressed you love to your lover like… “I miss you so much, Bống!”, like that? “Bống, have you eaten yet?”
– You look like a pervert “I love you so much”, right? The way you say those gave me goosebumps
– You’re scared?
Yes I think it’s not “romantic” at all Ok, you’re not romantic type All day long, you and I have tried dating, that means we are lovers? Do you have that feeling? I find our relationship still… like something in between, right?
– yeah According to you, do you have any comments? I got a feeling that you’re really ok Maybe you’re the type of girl many other guys dream of so I think you’re perfect From beginning all those we’ve been through Is there any moment you got annoyed because of me Like when we’re painting, we have different ways of painting I was a little irritated, honestly Do you have any moment like that?
– Yes I have one that when kissing, you kissed too slowly OMG, I can’t believe it That’s what I still don’t like for now I don’t know if you want to continue or not Continue dating like this?
– Yes I think we should try, there’s a lot of time left I think this show should change from 24 hours to 48 hours or even 10 days to love It’s enough to have a feeling for each other I think they should give us more time, 24 hours is just not enough