hello hello 3d printers I’m jwall with print
that thing here to share with you 3d printed things that I thought were
interesting US energy department is dropping one million in investing in 3d
printing those huge wind turbine blades these 3d printed wind turbine blades can
shave 75 million off their yearly cost rapid ready tech.com reports that there
is a new file type in town . 3MF . 3MF is tihs new file
format that they’re trying to replace the STL so that it’s more universal
across all the big companies like statasys 3D systems, HP software companies can also integrate it in their software like Microsoft and other 3d printing programs
I looked in a few programs I didn’t see any dot 3 EF anywhere for exports so
maybe that’s coming around the corner so check it out keep you posted if you see
anything the file type of the future or three maybe who knows three tiers dot
org reports that the USAir force is investing 34.6 million dollars
into 3d printing rocket engine parts oh yeah okay so that I got an email from
my mini factory the other day and they are starting this new platform is a
APP-based/ browser-based software whatever you want to call it it’s free
you can 3d model with people around the world as they say in the Internet is
going from I can I i i wave of like iTunes you know i i then there’s the
YouTube generation of this is like you and then now there’s the WE WAVE where
it’s all we create and we collaborate and I think it’s really cool so we’ll
see how that goes check it out you can go to their website now we designed.LIVE wedesign.live and be live creating with people as I can Digital
Playground but you can sign up on their website become alpha tester and come
through with me and I guess to other people printing industry.com is talking
about Stratasys new education development packets or something like
they’re giving two teachers to teach students how to go through the entire
process from concept to completion you know so the first lesson then i’ve seen is on Airbuds it teaches kids or adults
how to create a buzz with certain creative boundaries like it’s gotta be
small enough to fit in a pocket it’s gotta hold both the year like this is an
example kind of its gonna be able to hold the input heart and your buds and
it’s got to be able to quickly wrap and unwrap around something and then there’s
an optional boundary where you can have it clipped onto clothing or backpack but
you don’t have too little lady lissy got a new kidney from her daddy reuters.com
that there’s a surgeon’s using 3d printing technology to scan this little
baby Lucy’s abdomen and her pelvis to see if they could implant our fathers
day and it worked they this is the first
time I’ve ever done something like this with a printed the pelvis and harder
like bone material or plastic material and in the abdomen and movable element
and then they took a scan of her dad’s kidney and then place that inside to see
figure out where they’re going to connect it said holy moly gonna work and
then it actually works and now this girls like kicking it live in the dream
live in the last three years I ordered a story on our wedding ring jewelry
companies imprints the couple’s some friends on there the bands of the wedding ring these are
high and wax three systems printer and then cast it with precious metals just
like the Egyptians used to do and then they can
ship it to you within two days that’s insane you can customize it check out
their website they’ve got like this law customizing widget built-in as pretty
rad if you and your loved one are tired and Thailand out there might be a place
to go there the price ranges roughly like nine
hundred to 2,000 depending on what you want 3d print aa com was talking about
this new software called movie 3d movies 3d but you’re drinking a smoothie of 3d
to do you plan to me photos and then you use the software to look around it and
make a three-dimensional printable object with the picture on it was pretty
cool they do is 40 and there’s a few videos on there was that shows you how
to use the software package day as saying things about printing human
brains as do Andrew st. 3 printed his brain like a replica of his brain using
a CD from his MRI session and took the data ran it through an effort to cut
clean it up and some spots and then printed it and took 48 hours at 200
microns so now he has model of his brain I would love to
that’s crazy that is insane I would love to see everybody’s brain and that kind
of different and we can be used for medical practices to help people with
brain defects you know just looking at the brain but I was thinking what I
think it’s crazier than that and they’re printing human brains I mean if they can
print kidneys and heart parts and schools in a human brain I know I’m
asking you Press TV done talking about this Russian
company that has created a thing they call the portal that can scan any human
in about a minute and it just for insurance carriers that are just
rotating in a 360 around the person I got it there is a color on there and now
people have their you can have your own avatar of yourself for gaming you can
use it for online like digital shopping like a dressing room trying on clothes
with your digital person who lack it seventeen just like our forefathers used
him as a fibrous material that use for ropes campuses paper oils lots of things
they used to use it all the time and now this is three companies three-down USA
Fargo 3d printing and see to renew its a new
hampshire-based element called entwined twine with him it looks very earthy very
greedy you see like bio composing that it’s kind of cool so
check it out out yet they just emailed me last night
about it so I guess it’s coming right around the corner so check that out if
you’re interested and filament they also have coffee and beer filament so
whatever your vices got you covered that was it is working thanks for watching
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