Hi my friends. This is the industrial asynchronous motor you see and is working three-phase. The power is 5.5 kilowatts as you can see on the label. That is 7.5 horsepower. We’ve modified it. As you can see the dashboard and the excitation current coming from this dashboard. This current is input by cable. And after this excitation current as you can see in every insurance. phase 1 phase 2 phase 3. Three separate 220 volts. There are also three separate sockets. These sockets have 1700 watt energy output separately. They are not triphase. They are monophase. Three separate 220 volts. We use a 1.1 kilowatt motor to show you how this works. Our aim is not to produce free energy, but to produce electricity by turning it by making a water turbine or wind turbine. If you turn it with the bicycle pedal, it will generate electricity at approximately six hundred cycles. I’ll show you with tour meter. I’m running now. Yes, as you see. After two-three seconds the system is activated. Phase 1. One of the lamp turned on. Phase 2. Other lamp turned on. Phase 3. Other lamp turned on. The system supplies 220-222 volts of energy. We are measuring how many turns. Look. 500. This is the strap sound. One second. 600 – 620 rpm. This system produces electricity at approximately 600-650 rpm. When we increase this cycle, I’ll show you the voltage increases. Voltage increases as the cycle increases. You can use this system in places where there is no electricity, riverside, free energy experiments. Thank You