Tea in rain… and Pakode is so tempting and what if got 2,00,000 Likes along with awesome hacks idea is good so recharge your data pack as we are bringing for you Monsoon Hacks Wow!! what a weather today did you wait for a vehicle to pass by already that pollution got stuck to your hair and now this rain water may cause damage to your hair they both might worry but I don’t care as I did hair massage with coconut hair oil before stepping out from home either in rain or go out somewhere else this keeps my hair manageable always but doesn’t it makes your hair sticky?? no Anishka as its non sticky one so no worry at all wish if we too were applied this oil from home so we would too enjoy the rain like her wow what a DIY Are you go to Akshardham?? oh you too going there I recently bought this phone can you put my phone to in this please?? I borrowed this case from DIY Queens and its too easy to make it just keep watching and learn so don’t forget to carry in rain along with phone you can put charger, cables etc… remember to return my phone on reaching Akshardham don’t take it with you please take her away why don’t you do anything for your dandruff so what to do Dandruff is common during monsoon first pour some Parachute aloe vera in a bowl and add 1 tsp of fresh aloe vera gel also add 1 tsp of lemon juice in it mix and apply it on your scalp this helps to remove dandruff aloe vera make our hair silky and smooth and also provide moisture to our hair and lemon balances your scalp pH level which reduces you dandruff so fast this salt get moistened cause of rainy season then put rice… cooked rice!! Raw just 1 tsp and then leave it for half an hour these rice absorbs all the moisture you too do like this in rainy season Mummy suffering from cold…. will give you medicine you’ll be well soon but how to reach to a Doctor in this heavy rain now my home remedy only will help you if your kid suffers from cold then peel a garlic and put in a thread to make a locket and hang it on her neck the heat of garlic dissolves all the cough and it also gives relieves in cold make sure to use only single clove this moistures occurs due to rain and so as this weird smell come from and these pests too take a bowl pour some water and some neem leaves some Mogra flower leave overnight so as to water absorbs neem and Mogra essence sieve it and add few drops of essential oil fill it in a spray bottle and your chemical free home made room freshener is ready this fades that smell also help in removing that pests come here don’t get wet in rain try to understand I told you to not to wear this thin top in rain need to wear dark and printed clothes in rain now you know all the monsoon hacks to solve your lot of problems and now you share it with everyone and ask them for 1,00,000 Likes