kid or adult all enjoy rain but for housewives like us it might give pain rather than enjoy problems are obvious in rainy season so these seven kitchen hacks will keep these problems at bay so enjoy the rain with tea & pakode and we enjoy getting your 1,00,000 Likes so lets get started eeuuu….flies in her house I am going but you have to finish it house flies are common during rainy days to save you from such embarrassing situation I am telling you an hack fix clove seed in a lemon like this and keep this around the door or windows its smell keeps the flies away lets have these paratha with pickle ohh no.. fungus is developed over it often fungus grows in pickles in rainy days so for this heat mustard oil heat it well then turn off the gas flame now allow it to cool now pour this oil in pickle jar this saves pickle from fungus Cough and cold is common in rainy days boil one cup of water add ginger, clove and black pepper in it and few Tulsi leaves allow it to boil till it remain only 30 t0 40 ml sieve it after cooling and consume it with honey once or twice a day then have these biscuits and mixture so crunchy… so how’s it its good yeah why not.. I keep these safely sorry Bhabhi… I think these get moistened how you keep these stuffs I left them open you keep biscuits, Mixtures or munching snacks in fridge in glass jar take it when in need microwave it for 30 sec or 1 min then serve moisture and termites is common in wardrobes during rainy season so for termites keep neem leaves inside it or use these Naphthalene tablets and for moisture open its door swing fan at full speed for about 1 to 2 hours winters are so relaxable as all veggies easily available but problems comes in rainy days which veggie should we consume & which not? especially when it comes to leafy vegetables check the vegetables well wash it for about 4 to 5 times in running water then rinse it with warm water and still if you’re not agreed then I’ll suggest you to avoid leafy vegetables in rainy season especially spinach, cabbage & cauliflower also spices get moistened in this season so store spices in glass air tight container also I like to suggest to buy in small amount in these days