Hello, welcome to my new video. I’m in Montevideo, Uruguay, and it’s my last day here out of the four days that I’m spending here during spring break, and it’s the only day while I’ve been here that it’s been raining. This is, like, the first time in over two months that I’ve experienced rain, since it doesn’t rain in Santiago de Chile. The beach that’s behind me is called Playa Ramirez, and this is a pretty nice beach, that I went to yesterday when it wasn’t
rainy, and fortunately, the rain has lightened up a little bit just now, so now I can film without an umbrella over me. This is a pretty nice city, it’s pretty
well developed and safe. This is Parque Rodo, which is a nice
park that’s pretty close to Playa Ramirez. And there’s this nice lake here. And over there is Playa Pocitos, which is a pretty long beach that I went to yesterday. One of my friends says that it’s the best beach here in Montevideo. Now it’s raining again… I’ve been walking down one of the main streets of Montevideo, which is called Dieciocho de Julio, and this street has a lot of stores and restaurants, including some American chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway. And also some plazas and a fountain of locks, also. [Two days later, in Buenos Aires…] I enjoyed my time in Montevideo. The coast is beautiful, especially when it’s sunny. Thanks for watching! Like, comment, and
subscribe. ¡Chao!