Hello, i’m going to introduce Winergy to you.
Today, 40% of the energy consumed in Europe is consumed in households and 75%
of these households are consuming their energy really inefficiently. Built on this fact,
Winergy is an energy startup which is capable to manage 65% of the
household energy consumption which determines our mission to be the
Personalized Energy Manager. Winergy’s deep-learning based analytical tool awaits end-users who want to consume their energy efficiently and prevent damage to
the nature. We ask you simple and quick questions to identify your energy saving
and energy consumption problems to direct you to our most efficient
solutions. Your energy efficiency score is determined autonomously after all
questions are answered. After correctly identifying the needs of your households we
recommend the right technical products to households that are low in cost
simple to install and high in savings. customers receiving these services save
about 20% from their energy bills per month. The energy efficiency market
size is about 150 billion dollars globally and we took our first step with Germany, being
capable to operate in 21 different countries including USA. Winergy is not
just a start-up for 2020s, as future trend, it will last as long as energy
and consumption in human society exist. Thank you…