Hi everyone and welcome to my channel. If
you are new, my name is Lilly and please consider subbing if you liked this video. Today I will
show you what you can do in Katalam. They added Katalam in patch 7.2 as an extra map
that is available during certain times of the day. You need to get used to this format,
cause in 7.5 they are going to do the same to Lakrum and Dumaha, but we can talk about
that some other time. You will also see a chat window in some of my footage. I have
been testing my streamsettings out, so we are all ready to start streaming. I will give
more info about that at the end of the video. To go to Katalam, you need to go to Dumaha
first and on your map you will see the blue rift for Asmodians and the green rift for
Elyos. Make sure you have enough time in your hourglass, which you can see in the top left
corner on your screen. When you enter Katalam, the best way is to kisk up and if you stay
for a long time, it is best to use a legion kisk. And I will enter some legion randomness
right here. The
easiest way to start is from Rune Temple if you’re Asmodian, you can take a teleport or
a windstream to most of the map, Elyos have the same kind of town on the right top side
of the map. Basicly what you do in Katalam is take over camps. In every camp it’s the
same: you have a quest for killing the legate, a quest for killing surrounding mobs, a quest
to kill assassins and a quest to kill the big assassin. Let me explain: Every red camp has been taken
by Balaur, after a certain amount of time, a legate will appear, which you need to kill
to take over the camp. When you deal damage on the legate, you will complete the quest,
your group doesn’t need to have the highest damage. Then you go around the camp to kill
the mobs. It is best here to group up with others, cause there are a lot of people doing
the same quests and mobs die quickly. After some time you will get an announcement:”the
Assassin Reconquistador has appeared and is trying to attack the Legates”. This means
there is a Balaur assassin killing the legate, and there are other assassins that spawned
in the camp too. You can kill the assassins in the camp for the quest and kill the assassin
attacking the legate for the other quest. If you don’t kill the assassin that is attacking
the legate in time, the camp will turn balaur again. This is not bad, cause it means you
can kill the balaur legate again when it spawns, completing those quests as well. Ofcourse keep an eye on your minimap since
Katalam is an open world pvp zone, meaning you can encounter the opposite faction at
any time. During your time in Katalam, chests will appear
all over the map that contain various items, some contain an ultimate weapon which is basicly
a 10 minute X-form, some are kinah chests and some need special keys to open them. There
are also world bosses that spawn, so there is tons to do in Katalam. Make sure you don’t
run out of time and refill your hourglass when you can. Now what is there to gain from doing those
camp quests? You will collect Ultimate and Legendary Battle Insignia’s, that you can
trade in for rewards. You can buy a chest from the ultimate battle insignia’s that gives
a random reward. You can switch out that reward by using a Insignia of experience. You can
get these by buying Combat Experience Extractor from the general goods npc, you will need
to give a bit less than half of your experience to change it into an insignia of experience,
which you can use to reroll your reward from the chest. You can also buy pvp gear from the legendary
battle insignia’s. Getting the ultimate gear is best ofcourse and when you open them, you
will either get a Battle gear or an Intense Battle gear. The Intense is the best. I do
wanna add that the ultimate PVP gear you get from upgrading the genesis crystal gear is
still the best in the game, but the Katalam gear is quicker to obtain, and you are able
to extract the Katalam gear once you’ve obtained the genesis gear piece you needed. So this is basicly everything I do when I’m
in Katalam. I did say in the beginning of the video I was testing out my streamsettings.
I will be doing a stream next Friday The 13th at 8pm server time EU servers. I will be making
a painter character and I will be leveling it. So if you have anyone you know that is
interested in returning to the game, this will be an ideal time to check the game out.
I will also be available for questions any of you may have about the game, so it’s definetly
something to check out. You can find my stream on twitch.tv/lyllithiaa. I hope to see you
then 😀 I hope this video was helpful to you and if
you have any questions, just put them down below and I will do my best to answer them.
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