Parking brake is set you may raise the plane (Ground Crew) : Roger! Parking brake is set we may raise the plane … AFR6740 Hello (Tower) : Hello Air France 6740 Are you ready ? AFR6740: Yes we are.
Cpt :The plane is raised! I call you back (Tower): AFR6740 contact ground on 121.680 good bye! 121.680 AFR6740 Good Bye! Ground : AFR6740 Hello! AFR6740:Hello ! AFR6740: K44 we are ready for pushback and engine start Ground : Push facing south Pushing facing south AFR6740 Parking brake is released we may push facing south Roger! Parking brake is released we’ll push you facing south Ground crew : Starting pushback (Ground crew) We’ll wait for engine start because we’ve got an old truck about to die Alright call me back when you’re ready Ground Crew :Roger Ground Crew : We are ready for engine start Roger, we will start engine 2 then 1 Ready for 2 and 1 Starting Number 2 Ground Crew : Push back completed! Parking brake is set and we start engine 1 Ready for number 1 Ground Crew : Parking break is set can you confirm ? Affirm, parking brake is set Ground Crew (TPX) : We’ll put the plane down and clear the way Ground Crew ; Plane is on the ground and the TPX (Pushback Tractor) is clear Roger, Thank you sir Engine start phase is complete you may switch frequency Waiting on your signal to start taxiing , good day Ground Crew : Thank you, you can expect my signal on the left side of the aircraft to start moving, have a good flight! Thank you very much, good day! Intercom, can you hear me ? Yes I hear you and I see him, Flaps 5 Clear, Flight Controls check Let’s do the rudder That’s checked So… Ok I see him he waved at me Just checking the status APU start system is checked I’m requesting taxi clearance AFR6740 Ready to taxi Ground : AFR6740 Taxi for holding point TK4 TK4 AFR6740 Headlights on It’s clear on the right and left Ground : TV Hello, Taxi J37 Did you find a way to stay on the centerline You see? We’re a little bit to the left Now we’re good Now you can see the yellow line between us If you visualize this for next time you’ll be good ATC: … ATC :AFR6740 Contact 121.98 good day 121.98 AFR6740 121.98 Cabin is ready Thank you AFR6740 approaching TK4 ATC:AFR6740 Hello behind the A320 taxi right left romeo holding point Readback : Left hold shot Romeo behind the A320 AFR6740 Ground : AFR6740 Confirm behind the A320 taxi left on Romeo and hold short T11 Runway 26R AFR6740 : Left Romeo then Tango 11 RWY 26R … …. AFR6740 : So Romeo is the first on the left AFR6740 : So T11 is 3600 meter (11,811ft) It’s more than what we’ve planned so we’re on the safe side So, departure frequency will be 133.38 T11 Should be the third one Ground : AFR6740 Correction, right left TANGO 12 RWY 26R Readback : Right left T12 RWY 26R Right left you may proceed now, right side is clear 12 Knots Sweeping weather radar If we keep the yellow line we’ll keep a safe distance from him And I’ll be ready for the briefing T12 Will be the third one the right Yes all the way If you agree, the plan is still the same Our computer is well programmed TOGA LNAV Armed and VNAV Armed Yes So we’re taking off from Runway 26R T12, Take off Weight of 159 Tons Yes With 5 Degrees of FLAPS Departure to FL120 First turn to the left , Safety altitude is 3200ft In case of engine failure Trajectory will be the track selected 265 and acceleration from 1300ft QNH In case of any problem before V1 I’ll announce STOP or GO Pilot Flying stops the plane, reduce thrust and disconnect auto lever Open reverse thrust You will check the speed brakes position and the RTO (Rejected Take Off) Operation Once stopped I’ll set the parking brakes and speak to the cabin crew and you take care of ATC communications If I say go , we proceed to the take off If we have to re adjust N-1 we don’t Unless immediate contact with the ground On N Engine we can re adjust if needed especially on a windshear But today isn’t really the case Is there anything you’d like to add ? I have nothing to add Breifing is done TOWER : AFR6740 Line up and wait Runway 26R Readback : T12 Line Up and Wait Runway 26R AFR6740 PA : *Announcing Take Off* Final 26R is Clear A Plane is crossing ahead TOWER : AFR6740 Wind 200 Gusting 7kts Cleared for take off Runway 26R Readback : Cleared for Take off 26R We’re cleared for take off, I’m ready We have a crosswind to the left Tower : AFR6740 Contact Departure, Good Bye AFR6740 : Hello 1500ft Climbing Departure : AFR6740 Hello! Identified, climb FL120 (Flight Level) *Readback* 120 Confirmed Release Cabin Crew now On a short haul flight Climb 2 Checked Checked Activating AP (Auto Pilot) We’re clear of the first layer ATC : AFR6740 Make left turn and climb FL190 *Readback* We shouldn’t have any tailwind We’re Approaching FL100 No traffic