For the first time, I am going out of the country by Air India its 2:30 pm I am at kolkata airport This is the airport from where I started my vlogging career you must be knowing about this if you are an old subscriber I took flight for Thailand and Malaysia from this airport You must have seen my old Thailand series I didnt visit popular places like Phuket, Krabi or Pattaya They are over popular You can get a lot of information about them on internet On the last visit to Thailand, I hitchhiked and I went till Chiang Mai via Tak that is the extreme North of Thailand This time I am going towards the South-East of Bangkok to visit Koh Phangan I am going there to show you a place which you can visit with your family, kids there are a lot of reasons to visit Koh Phangan i’ll share them after I reach there I am happy to go on another trip now there is something special It was May 2018 when I used this camera for vlogging This is Canon G7x Mark II I am using it again on this trip Till now I have been using Go Pro Hero 4 Lets see how this camera is going to perform now I am especially concerned about the sound quality So lets begin I am going to start with the national carrier of our country Air India Though there are many airlines which connect Thailand with India Last time I used Air Asia to visit Thailand The reason was – it is a low-cost carrier you can visit many countries in low budget by flying with Air Asia But the reason behind my journey with Air India is… Actually I booked the flights just a week back I found the low-cost airlines flying to Thailand like Air Asia, Spicejet, Indigo They all cost around 12000 Rs I found Air India ticket was costing 13,000 Rs I thought why shouldn’t I buy this! when you are getting more leg space, more luggage allowance.. and complimentary Indian food during the flight and most importantly you get miles for these flights then why shouldn’t we go by Air India! I am ready to go now This is all my luggage Just 2 small bags got this one from Canada I think Thailand is special for my travelling experience Even last time when I visited Thaildn, I carried 2 small bags I am going with 2 bags again total weight is around 7-8 kgs we are about to take off I was quite excited about this flight but now I can’t see charging points under by seat and you know how much I require them its 3:30 pm they are announcing – the flight duration is 2 hours 50 minutes we will land there at 6:30 IST Its been 15 minutes after the take-off we are flying over Bangladesh Let me show what Air India has offered us after 15 minutes! just this! they are serving alcohol, orange juice pepsi, etc. but as usual, I took Tomato juice Thanks to Air Astana for making me learn about the healthy options its better during long-haul flights I asked them is this what we are going to have today! he said, we will get you some more things to eat its 5:15 pm here is the food most of the times while flying out of the country, I used to make a special request for vegetarian meals If you are vegetarian, do raise a special request 24 hours before your flight Special requests are served earlier than the regular food So today I thought that this is my special request but then I realised I am flying with Air India an Indian carrier so the normal food itself is vegetarian so dont worry if you are a vegetarian In many flights, I didn’t use to get vegetarian food as per my special request for eg, it happened with Alitalia while flying from Boston to Rome So this time I didn’t have to worry about getting vegetarian meal because I was flying with Air India the best thing is, you’ll vegetarian with Indian taste its a race to get out first i have come to another seat to talk to you We have landed now i am about to go out let me tell you about this journey it was ok this is the same aircraft which is used in domestic flights by Air India I couldn’t get charging points crew could have been better especially one of them needs to smile more Food was ok, though I expected more thats it I am going back with Air India Let me tell you about the formalities at the airport Visa on arrival is free here are the visa on arrival forms You can also exchange your INR directly from here though the rate would be very bad dial 1672 to get any tourist information in Thailand you can talk to the officials of Tourism Authority of Thailand This free bus starts at 5 am let me tell you about the required documents