Fast Internet access means you can now deliver more and more of your school’s ICT over the Web. It’s simpler, safer, cheaper, and best
of all, it supports learning and teaching anywhere, anytime on any device. But the Web is big. Really big. So how do you tame it? Airhead is the answer. It’s your Web desktop, designed to harness the Web for teaching and learning. Airhead is a web app that runs in the cloud
using Microsoft Azure, so it works first time, every time, and it’s safe. You can use Airhead on any computer with a browser, from smart phones and tablets, to laptops and PCs. Airhead connects to your MIS so users and groups are always up-to-date. More importantly, Airhead is completely open. Whether you use Office 365, Google Apps, or one of many other educational web apps or resources, Airhead embraces them all. Airhead brings you LaunchPads for managing and curating the Web, and FlightDecks for collecting together information and web resources. Launchpads are so easy to use. Each tile is a web link to anything you want. You can either pick tiles from AirBase, our growing collection of more than 1,000 educational resources, or you can make your own in a few seconds. Build as many launchpads as you want and share them with colleagues, pupils or parents at
the press of a button. It’s super simple. With FlightDecks, instead of tiles you have
widgets that can display live data and digital content. We’ve created widgets for email,
calendars, video, audio, social media, presentations, notes and more. Build a dashboard to engage parents or deliver media-rich lessons to your class. With Airhead you get more for less by harnessing the best of the Web. Try it out for free at AIRHEAD.IO