Yukata Cowboy Season 3, this week’s episode is: “Yukata Cowboy” “LAUNDROMAT” “RAIN” I quit my job as a salary man in Japan, became
a video-maker and moved to the Netherlands. The weather in the Netherlands can be
quite difficult, that’s why I trained myself like this. Fifteen minutes of this everyday,
and I can survive any rain. “SUN” When the sun came out, Dutch people would go to cafes. When the sun starts moving, they also start to do this, to stay in the sun. So, I thught I better practice how to do this so I can be just like the other people. Fifteen minutes of this everyday at home and I can be just like all the Dutch people. “LAUNDRY” With all this training, I got better at living
in Amsterdam. One day, I went over to the laundromat. I’m minding my own business, doing my laundry,
and this Spanish guy walks in. He wallks past the Middle-Eastern woman who works there and comes right up to me. “Hola, Senor.” What a friendly guy, my traning must have
paid off. I’m making new friends in Amsterdam! But then the Spanish guy tries to hand me
his laundry? Later on, I’m waiting for my laundry to finish. More people come in, smiling. And they hold out their laundry!? That’s when my training came in handy. Please watch other episodes of Yukata Cowboy! Subscribe to our channel now!