Are you someone who checks the weather daily
or even weekly? Perhaps you’re hoping for snow or trying
to find the best time to plant your garden or to spray for weeds. Since 1998 citizen scientists have collected
and reported precipitation data as part of the Community Collective Rain, Hail, and Snow
Network, more commonly referred to as CoCoRaHS. Volunteers collect precipitation data in a
standard 4” rain gauge and report it from a mobile device or computer. Volunteers report precipitation data daily
or as frequently as possible. Individuals and organizations use the data
for a variety of purposes. Meteorologists may use the information to
better forecast precipitation events. Emergency managers may use it to predict river
levels and the potential for flooding. Even insurance adjusters may consider your
data when calculating compensation for hail damage to crops and property. Being a CoCoRaHS volunteer is a great way
to learn more about weather and to give back to your community. For the University of Wyoming Extension, I’m
Milton Geiger, Exploring the Nature of Wyoming.