This is Big Sandy Trailhead. I’m about to hit the trail to go to Cirque of the Towers. It’s so windy today. I guess that is the back side of the Cirque. This is Washakie creek. I think I’m suppose to cross this creek. Wow~ Wow wow wow~~ Shadow Lake Billy Lake behind me This is Billy Lake. And I’m going to be passing Barren Lake and Texas Lake when I go this way. Barren Lake I’m going to eat ramen noodles before I climb Texas Pass. That is Texas Lake right below the Pass. The color of the lake is beautiful. Let’s go! It’s about 1/3 point of the climb Not bad~~~ I’m climbing over the Texas Pass and heading to Lonesome Lake. I just passed about half of the Pass. It’s ok. The trail is easy to follow and steepness is manageable. TEXAS~~~~~ This is Texas Pass. Of course, this is Wyoming. It’s pretty chilly. Lonesome Lake Look at this amazing view from the campsite. Stunning, isn’t it? This wind is…… This is Jackass Pass. Wind blowing.. like CRAZY!!! This wind…. blowing me away~ Arrowhead Lake down below Big Sandy Lake Clear Lake It’s spectacular!!! Guess who I ran into just now. One of my PCT friends, named Matt. I just came across him right here, in the Winds I’m so amazed to see him. We chattered about 5 mins. then we said happy trails~ Ah~ You know what, bumping into each other on the trail is like an oasis. Giving me a some kind of power. I’m going to town tomorrow so it less affect me. But for thru-hiker like Matt, hopefully he got solar power from me. Hey Matt! Keep on going! You are the champion~~ That’s him…… Matt bye~~~