okay so last night we had some terrible
weather here lots of snow high winds wind gusts in the high 60 mile-per-hour
range and now I have to go outside and see if my bees made it this is my Bee shed
the little orchard B houses on the side of it and you get a feel for the wind
here going out into the bee yard yesterday I made preparations by
strapping them down but now we’re gonna walk around and see if there is proof of
life in the bee yard the wind just you know comes and goes blasts snow blows
across there’s snow drifts across roads schools were closed delayed and so
on there’s my tiger hive two big vent holes in the bottom let me know that
those bees are alive in there and there’s a lot of them so they made it
these tie-down straps look at the vent hole in the front of this one they’re
still breathing in the second box on these of course is a dry feeder now
there’s only bees in the lower boxes of these two hives isn’t the flow hive two
and there’s a vent hole there I know they’re still alive and the wind chill
is down in the single digits these are the tie downs that I put down yesterday just to
make sure nothing blew off and flowhive2- they’re looking down to the south side
here I’ve got this independent hive again the second box on this one just
has a feeder in it with dry feed and you can see at the landing board there
it’s venting too so I know those bees are alive when you have bees and big storms like
this come through all you want to know is if they didn’t get blown over at
night or if a bear didn’t get them or something else but they’re all doing
great it was really nice to come out and see
that nothing blew over the straps held they have augers going into the ground
I’ll give you links to the augers and straps that I use down in the video
description they work great tiny vent hole here that means there’s
bees in there and they’re moving air and keeping their breathing pathway open hard to believe anything survives
winters like this this is one of my weather stations this
one actually was recording speeds 35 to 40 mile an hour gusts while the other
one only counted speeds up into the 20s here’s the backside of the FlowHives here they stayed put that’s great glad they made it now all we
need is some warmer weather thanks for watching if your bees are in
the high wind zone for the past couple of days I hope they made it to