TIA: Boogie and Eminem let the game know where
they stand on “Rainy Days.” TIA: The track is off of Boogie’s latest album, ‘Everything’s For Sale,’ and production credits on the track include
Fresh Ayr, STREETRUNNER, S1, Tarik Azzouz and Hannibal Beats. And the catchy hook is thanks to Boogie’s
own methods in the studio. BOOGIE: Usually when we’re making songs
I start off with just the melody I try to catch like the most firest melody for the
beat. TIA: The track comes as the first collab between
Boogie & Em, who signed Boogie to Shady Records in 2017. The cosign came after the buzz of a series
of mixtapes including Thirst 48 Parts I and II and The Reach. TIA: On signing Boogie, Shady expressed his
interest in the young rapper’s talent, saying quote: BOOGIE: I was really surprised that he knew like not just the popular songs I got on the
internet but like my deep mixtape cuts like my emotional songs he knew and he was telling
me that he wasn’t trying to change nothing and that was the biggest thing for me. TIA: Back on the track, Boogie shouts out
his homies in jail and makes a reference to the WWE pro wrestling event “Hell in a Cell.” TIA: Then, Boogie alludes to his hometown
of Compton, California, while sliding in some wordplay to salute his partner on the track,
Eminem’s lyrical alter ego, Slim Shady. TIA: Eminem is next up, and he calls
out those who question his legacy while also dropping a surprising line about bestiality. TIA: After dropping ‘Kamikaze’ in 2018,
Shady doesn’t seem ready to slow down any time soon. He’s reportedly the only artist to have
seven albums reach 1 billion streams on Spotify. TIA: Here Em also shouts out his mentor Dr.
Dre, who worked with him at the beginning of his career, when he was still finding his place
in hip-hop. TIA: “Rainy Days” seems to be the standout
track from Boogie’s album and jumped into the Top 10 of the Genius Song chart shortly
after its release. TIA: If you wanna learn more about “Rainy
Days,” check out the song page on Genius.com. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.