The bottle turbine is an amazing toy designed
by Durga a school student. All you need to do is mount a freely moving turbine on a bottle
lid. Here you can see this. There is a white straw in the middle for the air to come out.
There is the card sheet turbine which is mounted on a flexi wire. If you blow through the lid
air would come out and the turbine will rotate very freely. Now you fix the lid to the bottle
mouth. This is the whole assembly. And now you stand the bottle upright and squeeze it
repeatedly. Air would be expelled from the white straw and it would spin the turbine.
It is a very enjoyable game. Next you cut the base of the green bottle and repeatedly
move it up and down in a larger bottle filled with water. As you move the green bottle down
air would be expelled out from the white straw and this would once again make the turbine
spin. What a glorious toy! In the end you just need to release the green bottle and
it will sink down air will be expelled and the turbine will spin. See this again.