Good Morning YouTube! It’s 5 o’clock in the morning in Tornado Alley And we’re headed out to Abilene or Midland. We got a short eight or ten hour drive for a slim chance of tornadoes. Got a beautiful storm here and I met some friends. This is Scott and then a guy from France. What’s your name? Yanick. What do you think of this storm? Very beautiful storm supercell. Manufeek… magnifique! Magnifique! Alright, last night i got to see a little storm and hang out with some friends. Today we’re in Gainesville Texas. and there’s tomato warnings everywhere to the north. and there’s storms developing way to the south. Um, I’m gonna hold our position here and maybe we’ll get lucky and not have any soul burning regrets. (Spanish guitar playing) Guys do I have a treat for you. Look what we just caught crossing the road. A sweet little tarantula. and I think it’s a female because she doesn’t have those grabbing mounting spurs on her front legs. But we’ll have to ask Greg Rice to be sure. He’s the tarantula guru on YouTube. But what a sweet girl. I just picked her up and she’s so calm. and look… She’s got a furry little butt. Why would you be afraid of this? Why? Look it. I just picked her up. Big one. The bigger they are the sweeter they are. I’d love to take her home and snuggle with her but I think you belong in the wild dont you? When you don’t harm tarantulas it’s good luck. I have a feeling something good is going to happen today now. (spanish guitar) This little Rav4 is starting to grow on me. So far this year we’ve captured out first three tomatoes together. It’s officially broken in but what still haven’t decided what we’re going to name it. As many of you know my last vehicle was called the T-I-T, may it rest in peace. We could call this one the T-I-T 2, but this year I’ll be joining a scientific field operations team, with the objective of capturing near-surface wind field data around tomatoes. Since I’m going to be part of a professional scientific team It might be in our best interest to have a professional name. I asked my patrons for some help and I got a lot of great ideas. But my favorite was from Amy… The Wind Breaker! Storms are starting to fire up. Let’s go break some wind! OK we got a potato warning heading right for us. It’s about 15 miles in front of us. Looks like a funnel cloud. Big funnel cloud. It’s probably a tornado. Yeah, it looks great on radar. the time is 4:44. Should have been there. It’s gonna cross the Red River. What’s my road options here? Nothing. Looks like it might be getting stronger. This is where we’re going to watch it from. Right here. (wind) That’s gorgeous. (birds chirping) Wow Ok, we need to go back… It’s rain wrapping. It’s getting more powerful. I think when these storms come together something nasty is gonna happen. (fart noise) That was… (fart noise) That’s not me… (fart noise)… That’s the seat. (fart noise) (fart noise) (fart noise) (fart noise) Well alright, got another pretty tornado. Thats four for the month of April. Not bad. But we’re now heading into May! (sirens outside) That’s always comforting. The May madness begins tomorrow. If you’d like to support this channel, for as little as a buck a month you can follow all my forecasts, where I’m going and what I got that day. Last year was a ton of fun chatting with everybody, swapping advice and generally cuttin’ up. There’s also free music, free photos and live chatting… All sorts of stuff. So if that sounds like fun to you guys to, be sure and check out my Patreon. ‘Til next time friends, Happy trails. Music: “La Malediction de la Danse du Poulet”