Can you smell what kind of smell
air car fresheners smell like – just by smelling them?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooood Mythical Morning!
– Thank you for making us a part of – your daily routine.
– Welcome to Thursday. You know why they – call it Thursday?
– ‘Cause of Thor? Nope, because they are
thiiiiirstay for some advice! – (chuckles)
– And we’re gonna give it to you today! – Forget Thor!
– And the advice today is all about cars! ‘Cause you guys needed car advice. Well,
we got it for you. Here’s a question from – Re-bacca.
– (crew laughs) – If you see Rebecca…
– What’s the coolest way to drive a car? – That’s it?
– (laughs) That’s it, man! She did – hashtag #GMMAdvice, but yeah.
– Okay, we got an answer. Ah, we know this, and we developed this
solution back in high school. The solution is kind of counter-intuitive. In order
to be cool while driving a car, you gotta get hot. The thing that we
devised I call “Heavy Metal Hot Car.” Here’s what we would do: any time during
the summer when we were going to the movies up at Cary– it’s like a
25-minute car ride for us– – Yeah.
– You know, North Carolina summers even – at night, it was like 90, 95 degrees.
– Miserable! Hundred percent humidity. It was crazy.
Everybody would get into a car… – One car.
– We would put the heat on high. – Blast!
– And then you would play some – (gruffly) heavy metal headbanger music–
– (laughs) (normally) and then you would bang your
head all the way to the mall, to the movie. It was kinda like the car
became a mosh pit. – Yeah.
– And we would just pour sweat! – It was so stupid.
– And we thought it was so awesome. – Because at the end, you’d be so hot.
– Get out of the car. You’d get out of the car… (dramatically)
This is like the Arctic, man! – It’s so cool out here!
– Even though it was still, like, 95. (normally) It was still very warm.
But we were cool… for doing that and – for telling you about it.
– And then you would walk around the mall looking like you had just jumped in
a swimming pool with your clothes on. – So, Re-bacca…
– And you probably wouldn’t smell good, – which brings us to our next question.
– Mm! Rachel Drury at taco underscore
coat underscore irene asks… – Oy…
– “What is the best scent of Christmas tree air freshener?” and of course,
that’s not Christmas tree scent; – they’re all shaped like–
– Shaped like a Christmas tree. like Christmas trees but
they have different scents. Right. And, Rachel, as we began to look
into how we can answer this question, we found that there are so many different
types of air fresheners with very specific – names. Specific scents and specific names.
– Yeah. And that gave us an idea
to play a game with those. It’s time to play… (Link, high pitched singsong)
Gotta Smell ’em All! … ♪ (electric guitar) ♪
Christmas Tree Air Freshener Edition! Okay, I’m gonna start by giving you clues,
but at the same time you’ll be able to – smell the air freshener…
– (breathily) Yeah! So using the scent and my clues, you have
to guess the names of the air freshener exactly as they’re printed
on the air freshener. – And we’re playing like a team.
– Yes. – Like I’m gonna go, then you’re gonna go.
– Right. I have a minute to get as many as we can right. Then we’ll switch and you’ll
have a minute to give me clues, and we’ll get as many as we can to
be as awesome as we can be… – at knowing air freshener names.
– It’s worth it, man! Which is important. All right, so, turn
towards me. They’re gonna wheel it in and the time’s gonna start. Okay.
Wheel it in. – I’m ready.
– (Stevie) Ready, set… go! – (clock ticks)
– Okay, this is not dirty, it’s totally– – Clean!
– No, it’s like water that’s totally– – Pure!
– Yes, and this is something that– – Pure magic!
– No, it’s like— – Pure vanilla!
– It’s hard metal! It’s– – Pure diamond!
– It’s not as hard as diamond, but it’s – like shiny.
– Pure gold! – No, it’s like–
– Pure silver! – Nope, it’s like–
– Pure platinum! What’s Zoolander’s, ah, the look
that he makes? It’s called Blue… – Steel! Blue Steel!
– No, but– – Pure Steel!
– (bell dings) – Yes, yes, yes. Bring in the next one!
– Yeah, we’re good! Here we go! All right, so, smell this one.
So we’ve got– – (Jamaican accent) Okay, mon–
– Oh, fruity! Jamaican! We’re down at the beach and the
water’s coming up to the… – Reggae! Beach!
– The water’s coming on to the… – Sand!
– (normally) Yeah, like the sand, – like the beach, it’s like…
– Shore! – Yes! And what’s the plural of that?
– Shores! – Smelly shores!
– And then the word before that? (Jamaican accent) Hey mon,
we’ve got– this is– – Mango shores!
– This is a zone where there’s – palm trees, mon.
– Coconut shores! (normally) It’s a zone! It’s a zone
where the type of weather– – Forest?
– (Stevie) Five! – Tropical shores!
– (bell dings) – (Stevie) Four! Three!
– Yes! Yes! Bring in another one! – Bring it in! Bring it in! – (Stevie) Two! One!
– This is– expend your– – (Stevie) Time!
– (buzzer buzzes) – Resources!
– Yes, it’s resources! – Resources!
– It’s a resources freshener! – Strawberry resources!
– It’s energy. (bro voice) Oh man, I want the
resources air freshener. – (normally) This is tough.
– Yeah, man. – We got two.
– We got two. That’s not– we, hm. All right, so let’s switch
it up. I’m going under. Is it that you’re not good or I’m
not good? Or we’re both not good? – You’re not good.
– (all laugh) – All right.
– Okay… You said a zone! Let’s add a little more time for this. We
gotta try to get a few more of these than two. Give an additional… I dunno.
Give us a little more time. – Okay, here we go.
– (Stevie) We’re gonna do two minutes. – Oh, we’re giving you two minutes.
– Yeah. – (Rhett) All right.
– (Stevie) Ready, set, go! – (clock ticks)
– Okay, when you have a lot of electricity – that suddenly goes–
– Wires! – up real fast, like–
– Ah… surge! – (bell dings)
– Yes! Yes! Go! Surge! Yeah! (giggles) – Uh, okay, it’s not white, it’s–
– Black! – And it’s frozen water!
– Black ice! – (bell dings)
– Yes! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! (laughs) – Oh!
– (laughs) – Good gosh! That one smells like hurt!
– I love my wife with a fiery– – Passion!
– (bell dings) Yeah! Go! Go! – Yeah! (laughs)
– Come on, they’re too slow! I’m too good! Just throw
it to me or something! – Come on!
– Okay, bring it in! Here it comes. – Where is it?!
– Here it is! Okay, it’s not winter, it’s– – Smells like– summer! Breeze!
– And this is a cotton clothing– – Don’t spit on me!
– Cotton clothing– your pants, I got – these blank pants?
– Linen! Summer linen! – (bell dings)
– Yes! Next! (laughs) – Go! Bring it in! Okay–
– Ooh, coconut! Banana! – It’s not an old vehicle, it’s–
– Jalopy! – It’s not an old vehicle…
– It’s a new one! – New vehicle! Brand new car!
– What? – New car scent!
– (bell dings) – Yes! Next!
– I love that! All right! Okay, I’m not weak, I’m– – Hmm… soap!
– I’m not weak, I’m– – Strong!
– And if I’m strong, I have a lot of– – Scent!
– (crew laughs) I have a lot of… if you have
a lot of strong, you are– – Muscle!
– You have a lot of– – Muscle car!
– It’s another way to say strong, but… – Tight?
– (crew laughs) – Not length… not length, but–
– Width! Depth! (giggles) If I have a lot– I’m very
strong, that means I have… – Strength.
– (bell dings) Yes! C’mon. Bring it in. – All right, okay. Ah…
– That smells fruity. – Okay, this is wind blowing, it’s…
– Breeze. Yes, and I’m next to an area of the ocean
that is like… it’s like a lake part of – the ocean, like where there’s–
– Where is it? – (crew laughs)
– Like where there’s boats in it? There’s boats in this
area that is kinda like– – Lagoon!
– (crew laughs) – The ocean! Like the Santa Monica…
– Pier! – Santa Monica–
– Dock! – The place! The water!
– Ocean! The beach! – Where the boats are! Santa Monica–
– Yacht Club. (giggles) – (crew laughs)
– (Stevie) Five, four, three– – Santa Monica… harbor!
– (Stevie) two, one! – Marina! Marina!
– (Stevie) Time! – (buzzer buzzes)
– Bay, dude. – Santa Monica Bay.
– It ain’t a Santa Monica Bay, – Yes it is!
– It’s a Santa Monica Pier! The Santa Monica Bay is the name of the
bay where Santa Monica Pier is. It’s a bay. It’s a– but we did pretty
good. How many did we get? – Bayside Breeze?
– (Stevie) Eight! – We got eight!
– What does that mean? (Link) That means that we are…
Superior Smeller Teller Fellers! – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
– (Rhett) Yes! – Okay. Congratulations to us.
– (laughs) Now, you may have noticed that we are not
above doing awkward and embarrassing things for your entertainment
on this show. – No, we are not.
– But you may not know– or maybe you do know– that we have had lots of awkward
and embarrassing things happen in our personal lives since we got to know
each other back in first grade. But you can relate. Everybody’s got
embarrassing moments, especially when – it comes to the teenage years.
– Yes. And I think even our most embarrassing
moments are still back there, even though we’re trying to shift the weight of
embarrassment to our current lives – in this show, I think.
– Right. But the thing that we
try to do is embrace– – Right!
– Instead of letting embarrassing situations haunt us, we learn to celebrate
them and laugh about it. And, by the way, teen awkwardness will
end just like that teen acne will end. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our
friends over at Clearasil to act out some – of your most awkward teenage moments.
– All right, now, the first thing that we’re gonna reenact right here is a
personal story of ours, just to get – things going.
– Right. – Just to wet the whistle.
– When we were in high school– – Wet the whistle?
– Sure, I don’t care. – You can wet the whistle.
– (high pitched noise) Freshman year in high school, somehow
against all odds, I convinced Jaime to go out with me. This is a girl
that everybody wanted to date. – Yeah.
– But somehow I got her to go out with me. – Mm.
– At the same time, Tabitha, her best friend, who was also in
pretty high demand, – Yeah. She liked me.
– She liked Link. Right. And so, here we are, freshmen,
getting to school, the first couple weeks, and all of a sudden we’re going
out with Jaime and Tabitha. Yeah, we’re dating them even though
we hadn’t been out on a date. Now, Home Alone 2, Lost in New York was
playing at the Dunn Twin Plaza. – Oh yeah. Dunn Twin Plaza!
– Yeah, shout out! That’s the best double date scenario we could think of.
The only problem was, I was fourteen, Rhett was fifteen, we didn’t have our
driver’s license and didn’t have cars, so we had to get a ride. We asked Rhett’s
parents to give us a ride to– – Both of ’em!
– to the movie theater. And yeah, I don’t know why they both had to come, but they
did, and all four of us were seated shoulder to shoulder to shoulder to
shoulder, crammed in the back bench seat – of your parents’ blue Dodge Dynasty.
– Right. And so, we go from Buies Creek to Dunn and there’s a lot of awkward silence.
You could cut it with a knife in the back of that car. And then, all of a sudden,
Link says something that has become legendary. This is the story of that trip
to Dunn and what Link said. Here’s our reenactment. ♪ (cheerful 90’s music) ♪ (Rhett in a voiceover) We join Rhett and
Link as they ride in the back of Jim and Diane’s blue Dodge Dynasty with Jaime
and Tabitha. Zooming down Highway 421, a two-lane road currently under
construction to become a four-lane road. That’s important. (teenage Rhett voice) I can’t believe this
is happening! We’re in the back seat of a car with Jaime and
Tabitha! This is amazing! (Link with a teenage girl voice) I can’t
believe this is happening. We are in the back seat of a car with Rhett and Link.
This is a mistake. (Rhett with a teenage girl voice)
I smell a lot of boy in here. (teenage Link voice) No one is saying
anything! I need to say something to break the silence! Something intelligent.
Something insightful. Something… cool. (Link with an older Southern woman voice)
This is so sweet, these young people gettin’ to know each other. It
makes me miss the days when I fell in love with that man. (Rhett with an older Southern man voice)
While they’re watchin’ Home Alone 2, we’re gonna be watchin’ that new Segal flick
where he breaks a bunch of arms, if I can convince her. I wish she was more
into watching Segal break people’s arms. (Link with an older Southern woman voice)
He used to be so romantic! Now he just likes to watch “Seagull”
break people’s arms. (teenage Link voice) I should say
something smart! Maybe something about Home Alone 2: Lost in New York!
I could say, “I hear he gets lost in New York this time!” (Rhett with a teenage girl voice) I could
be listening to Boyz II Men in Tyler Johnson’s Camaro right now. (teenage Rhett voice) Maybe we should just
keep quiet for the rest of the ride. (teenage Link voice) I can’t keep quiet
for the rest of the ride! I should just say something. Take a chance! (teenage Rhett voice) Oh no, Link looks
like he’s gonna say something. No! (teenage Link voice) Rhett looks like
he wants me to say something! (teenage Rhett voice) Don’t say anything! (teenage Link voice) Oh yeah, he
definitely wants me to break the silence. I gotta be a good friend. Maybe I should
just look out the window and say the first thing that comes to my mind! (teenage Rhett voice) Oh good, he’s
looking out the window. He’s backing down. (teenage voice) Sure will be nice when
they make this road four lanes! It may surprise you to know that I never
rode in a car with Tabitha again. But it was all worth it! I mean, the
awkwardness didn’t last forever – Yeah.
– and now it’s just funny! And we have a catchphrase whenever there’s
an awkward moment, I always say, “Sure will be nice when they
make this road four lanes.” Right. Now, that was our awkward story
from our teenage years, but we know you’ve got some awkward teenage stories
that you want us to reenact here on – Good Mythical Morning.
– Yeah. All you gotta do is go to and submit your
story to us for a chance to have us reenact it in all its awkward
glory on Good Mythical Morning. And thanks to Clearasil for
sponsoring this episode. Thanks for liking and
commenting on this video! You know what time it is! – Hi, I’m Linnea White.
– Hi, I’m Avery Carlson. And we’re from Grand Rapids, Michigan. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! Submit your awkward story for us to
reenact here on Good Mythical Morning at –
– And click through to Good Mythical More. Hang out with us and Jen opening mail and
unveiling the Mythical Mail Museum for the first time! Boop! Boop! Boop! Almost a winner! (both) In a world where
pineapples is money. – (crew laughs)
– (dramatically) In a world… – where pineapples is money…
– (dramatically) One man in Hawaii – must track down the farm…
– and not lose his life in the process, – because there’s… poisonous… arrows.
– He shows up for the pineapple farm tour just like any other third grade
tourist, and then he realizes that pineapples is money. (laughs)
Now what is he gonna do? He’s gonna dodge some poisonous darts.
Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt!
Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! Phtt! – There’s a lot of ’em!
– (both laugh) [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]