Hey we are all suited up, got my poncho, got
my fancy sandals and my shoes are in here so we are ready to go see the Cave of the
Winds. Let’s go! I’m not sure what exactly to expect its said
its tropical storm force conditions. So we’ll see about that. Now the trip starts here. You can smell the birds! Well I can smell the birds you probably can’t
smell the birds. So they have to rebuild these stairs every
year. Hello Its an awful lot of noise here its coming
from the falls. This water is cold! We are going up and up and into the falls
more and more and in a little bit more its going to be the hurricane deck. We are not even there yet. Ok guys, right up there is the hurricane deck
that’s where I’m heading next. Hold on! Your turn! That’s cold! Wow! That is amazing! That is incredible! Now we can say we touched the falls! Oh yeah. I’m going again. That was fun! We got really wet, the water’s really cold,
but it feels really refreshing because its a pretty warm day. That was fun!