today we will learn how to do home made plant
compost. first take an empty pot and
make holes like this as shown with the hot rod. even on the lid.even from the bottom
water will go the beginning make the bed with news paper by tearing it into small
pieces instead of colored papers, take the ordinary news paper so that it will help in
the breakdown of paper. Above the paper bed let us make the carbon
layer. for that you need dry leaves. tear it too. instead of throwing it in the garbage, use
it for the manure. the reason why we make small peaces is the process of compost will
be faster. Then next layer is cow/or cattle dung layer. lot of micro organisms will be formed due
to this and during rainy season this should be added. so that earthworms will be grown faster in
this process. if you are a non vegetarian then you can even
use egg shells. later add another layer with raw vegetable
wastes and fruit wastes. you can add coconut fibre in place of cocopeat. this also helps in breakdown process. Make as many layers as possible. This is the three days decomposed banana peal
and other fruit pealsnow again dry layer and then red soil. Make one carbon layer and one nitrogen layer.if
you are using this compost to the tulsi plant or osmium plant then try to add only cow dung
not any other dung. because it is a holy plant. Finally add some water to make the dry compost
easily turn into compost and since it is rainy season we need more heat to make the breakdown
of particles so thus add the mustard seeds. on the top add some more red soil so that
it will be closed. for every 5 days tilt the pot or take a stick
and mix it, stir it thouroughly once. put another pot blow this so that it will
be easy to mix or transfer to another pot by tilting the becoming compost. so this is how you can make vegetarian plant
compost will be ready in 2 months. please like, share and subscribe my channel