My name is Lucy Pao and I am a professor in
electrical, computer and energy engineering here at CU Boulder. My area is primarily in control systems. All of my work is control of flexible structures
or vibrational systems trying to reduce vibration. I work in the wind energy area for about 15
years now. When I first got into this area I was very
surprised that turbine control systems do not use measurements of the wind. And so, how can you measure wind speed that
are coming into the turbine, make use of that in developing a controller. We have a relatively large interdisciplinary
team project on designing and controlling extreme scale wind turbines. If successful this could really drive down
the cost of wind energy. And so we are really looking very far down
the line – looking at what could be possible. What is maybe not so well known to people
outside of Boulder is that we have so many national labs right near the university. These are all fantastic resources for both
faculty and students. One of the best things I find about this job
is working with talented students. Many people outside of engineering or in the
public probably don’t view engineering as a creative endeavor, but it absolutely is. And that is what makes it fun, is how can
we take the different principals from different areas, combine them in interesting ways – that
perhaps have never been done – to create new products or new algorithm that really can
be leaps and bounds better than before.