we went to costco today and we had to carry stuff so brought this box again and now we have like, what? three and he lays in all of them yeah this is getting ridiculous don’t get too comfortable Beemo. What? haha This is our off day and we’ve been planning all week we’re going to go to this place a little outside of Seoul that we’ve been like really wanted to go to film because the leaves are really nice Mmm yes.
But the weather forecast has not been cooperative and it’s really really dark and overcast right now it’s supposed to rain so our off day of the week is Kind of like wasted so we’re going to try to make the best of this as a cozy indoor rainy day. I’m going to try to bake those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies but don’t get too excited because I’ve never done it before, especially, a toaster oven and that guy still in his box his waving with his tail alright hang out the laundry, we’re so exciting today grocery store? I know in Western countries you guys don’t really eat persimmon but we eat dry and really like..and mushy persimmon Yeah..
which is really sweet, I like the dry one yeah
They’re my favorite these are really soft these are really sweet persimmon
For drying?.. No, you can just eat it by itself like this See if they’re multi purpose..
Those are the ones wow, this looks good
Is it the hazelnut one? yeah
i know we have a lot of anniversaries but today is actually our official two-year anniversary of being legally married our paperwork was processed on this day so..
and..Oh, what, three?! its 2+1…
will only need one come on, if you’re going to buy it’s 2 + 1 Oh, Pepero day is tomorrow
Yeah its basically just a holiday where people give each other these chocolate sticks and obviously its like a money-making holiday but chocolate,
…for us its a holiday for chocolate yeah, its a holiday for chocolates so that’s why there’s all these chocolate sales here Those nose black head packs, I’ve tried so many different brands but this one works the best it rips like everything out so, which one do you want Sarah?
I don’t know..
maybe hazelnut? this one? yeah, okay Yep, someone knows its his meal time hey, he goes back and forth like this shows affection so either one can feed him
yeah Hi sweets…
its Kyuho’s stomach by the way hahah if you’re wondering what that strange noise is oh I hope the mic didn’t catch it watch…
Beemo…Beemo Sarah can’t even start anything here his whiskers is like tickling me…he’s always curious but he always has to know exactly what we’re doing. Beemo is in the way… this is not for you What’s that? pumpkin spice Oh…
Smells good! Smell..Oh, it’s strong but it’s good yeah it gives a lot of flavor one and a half let me know if you need any help
it’s okay, I don’t really know what I’m doing so my job is to wear this..
Your job is to wear that, eat them later yes!
no I definitely need more mm okay
..little bit yep, perfect thank you
…melted butter Brown sugar this is the pumpkin right?
that’s my pumpkin puree I made it myself.
Hey, Beemo. What’s he doing? Go check He wants to..
Oh my God, he’s so playful wow hahaha
Oh, his going to hide his face you can’t hide Clubby hole mix these together and then add it to this.
This is different form of colour. Mhmm. They’re coming together mmm dough is ready now I just have to chill it for about 30 minutes my masterpiece it’s not finished yet and already like super proud of myself. Haha he’s like a dog this is what he does when he wants to come in it’s like hey.
Come on in, its cold Hi Beemo Ohh there, oh you’re all chilly He’s like a dog yeah.
this is the first experimental batch so, I dont know it’s pretty good.
Alright, hope this works well, several hours later and like three attempts later I finally found the trick to making cookies in a toaster oven Yep, ahaha this was the first trial like it looks great right but nope after a few tries i managed to get like the perfect soft oh yeah..
Consistency here..are you going to try one now yeah! soft? Oh!!
chewy? they’re supposed to be soft and chewy Oh my..
what is this pumpkin? pumpkin spice mmm has really good taste.
yeah! mmm so soft good! i love it
your socks are in the background hahaha..you’ve been filming sock all this time? yeah oh my gosh yeah so that was quite an interesting experience I’ve never in my life use the toaster oven, for baking! so it took a lot of trial and error but I think I figured it out it’s really good yeah.
good job! Good job Sarah! We should sell these for 1,000 Won each, Sarah ahah no one’s going to buy those.
These are really good, I’ll buy You should sell.
Awww, you have to say that because you’re my husband haha we came out here to feed like these two kittens that we sometimes feed and we’re surrounded by like a family of strays is hilarious it is all came out oh hey, please don’t fight front of me there are many restaurants around here people the owners are feeding them there’s actually a lot of people in this neighborhood that care for these cats because like these are stray cats it’s not just as simple as oh let’s catch it and take it home and make it our pet already used to this kind of life yes,
and they’re not going to transition while it’s like a tiny little apartment in soul so..the best we can do is like trap neuter release theres a man that does that around here and also feed them we feed them too so all one big happy family here.
And then there’s this little prince spoil one Do you know how lucky you are? it wasn’t exactly how we planned our day but it still turned out okay. Now we’re eating apple slices trying to be healthy undo all the cookies we ate. Right right! We had to clean up you don’t like the smell of this do you?
you got me Alright, so we’re going to go to a wedding it’s been a long time since we went to the wedding was like last year it was your cousin’s wedding wasn’t it? yeah that’s getting tight.
I don’t even know where this is ? might take some time I guess. Beemo’s fur everywhere Here, want me to do it, got some on your back
and my butt please you have to feed little prince before we go to. *high five* good it KTX.
I found the shuttle bus. What? I found the shuttle bus. Can we get there though? So, we’re on our way home from the wedding and we ate a lot of foods