there’s a good hour before shooting
light we’re working our way in to that spot that that night were at yesterday
there’s a couple different spots that we wanted to cover so we’ve got the other
long-haired man here with us today and Logan with him with the camera
Logan shot that buck not very far from where we’re both gonna be set up but you
know we played it right well we got that deer out of there we were you know
pretty much left our scent on the same trail that we came in and I don’t think
that it’s well it’s obviously not affected much I never really got up into
the primary bedding area there he was just kinda on the edge of it I’d say
right I feel like if we get in here early enough we’re gonna catch these
deer I kind of coming back and filtering through all morning there’s two very
similar spot so we’re gonna be out there basically creek channels small creek
channels that come off the main creek we’re gonna walk that main Creek up and
then split off on separate channels are both gonna be closer to food sources and
bedding areas it’s just gonna be I think really a pretty high odds chance we’re
gonna see a good buck when we get moving because I don’t want to start getting
stressed out here if it starts getting daylight let’s do it mm-hmm
I’m stressed up being on this ice well I do believe that we made it in
cleaned there’s even a breeze today so we might even have been able to walk
through the crunchy stuff on a day like today but that ice was just had it
insurance to get in here without bumping into anything but this is the farthest
back this channel I’ve ever hunted and I think what’s it happening a lot of times
it’s a bucks we’re skirting down there closer to that cover at least that’s
what we think they were and if they do that today we’re gonna be right in them
we just don’t want to be sitting back and have a buck walk across there and
him just be a little too far we’re set up to shoot anything cross in the creek
he had anything paralleling this transition line Jake and Logan are set
up to the north of us and they’re on a similar location just a smaller creek
channel than the one we’re on they’re gonna have deer coming off of Milo field
up there that’s the same Milo field that Ted and Aaron saw that nice buck at backing
up their November back in November that might be a shed buck don’t even ever never have a shot if I wanted one I don’t think I’m gonna shoot it don’t
think if he gives me if he comes close he’s just behind that willow, there he is just had a good buck come through I had
the hammer back on him I could tell he was decent right off the bat it wouldn’t
say that like I said I don’t know that I would have call it passing him as much
as I just he had to give an perfect opportunity right here at 80 yards or
whatever buy whatever 50 that were set up on I probably would have shot him but
he was out there like a hundred and twenty walking I’m not looking to sling
one down through there with the deer walking and confidence that there’s more
deer in here that we can get a little bit better shot than that it’s game to
being into the mid morning here and I have clearly stood up but I’m just gonna
get on the other side of this bush I think I can shoot a little bit further
down like where that buck crossed and at some point this morning the plan was was
for Jake and Logan to set up up there closer to the access if they didn’t see
anything they really come through and still hunt this bedding area if they
bump anything it’s gonna come past us they just stack up this bedding area
right and then they’re gonna hunt in here this
evening so the strategy has to kind of do a light bump hopefully getting deer
to come across but if not a betting area will just be stacked for the rest of the
season I worked out just need a big buck to do
it pretty fun apparently there’s just does in here other guys just popped out over there
and they’re working back that way they’re gonna loop around hit another
bedding area and we’re just gonna kind of pop around once they get get through
that one we’re gonna come right back and get set up here and they are gonna go
through this bedding area we were gonna save it but a lot more we think about it
one group of drivers is very low impact for what happens in this area we think
that if we give it a few days the deer I’ll be right back in here
we gotta believe there’s a buck at some point and the thing that we like is
every single deer that came through we had a chipper shot at I mean we have a
deer literally get to right here and I was sitting right there it’s a perfect
little spot here and this is working really well we just need a buck to do it how is there only one buck in here just
one dang tree moved maybe I can get it
like a quick tap I moved too quick enough it didn’t pan out I think that
pretty well sums up our morning we got the deer moving just did not have a good
buck come through which is super surprising cuz I bet you today we’ve
seen this happen me dear what you’ve seen that’s pretty much it for the
morning one one buck you came right here everything that we did what a work like
we could have pretty much shot every single deer that we saw today except
for those ones that went across down there to the south yeah I mean like had
an easy shot at him right there the only thing that got out to my
knowledge is two fawns in the beginning and then I kind of just set the edge
like I’ve been doing is just walking the whole thing downwind and then I started
a zigzag yeah mm-hm because I think you guys get to that fence over there yeah
well he got he popped out right here deer getting up before we were even
halfway down there you know like they don’t sit tight at all as soon as they
hear see or smell yeah like all they knew it’s one of them and they’re gonna
get up what’s hilarious because they I don’t care what’s going on cuz they get
out here and they just like start looking around and think they stopped at
the creek every time I used to around here like a one-man bump like that like
either it’s fall so the walls like people are yelling and stuff or like
they’re just used to getting bumped by one guy that’s hunting by himself
mm-hmm yeah it’s weird they worked it pretty good it did everything right
roughly two o’clock and we decided we wanted to come win bump
the spot that air shot that puck yeah we’re going to do this wind bump a little
bit backwards I guess just reverse the whole thing of what we did when Eric
shot that buck I’ve got a westerly wind instead of an easterly wind so we’re
just gonna go in there try to get set up in a similar location to what Eric did
but on our way and we’re gonna still hunt just be glass in this brown grass
down here along the creek because I’ve been seeing a lot of deer been in there
but it’s that easy got excited and saw her ted and i snuck in and got set up on
this willow missus we started coming down the hill Ted saw a couple young
bucks kind of going around down by this bedding area in the main bed up on top
of this little knoll there’s a whole bunch of sheds last year right now we’re
seeing a whole bunch of little bucks moving around out here in front of us
that’s a good sign of probably means there’s a big buck up on top somewhere
they’re just naturally moving down there but Jake and loving her about to go to
this piece exact and back and forth but there’s said blowing it towards the deer
hopefully those deers no those guys just try to slip out the back there’s a doe
maybe you can tell thought I saw a buck I never did there’s about there’s about yeah I’m
gonna shoot that son of a gun they have them here do you have them yes took off running that way I don’t know if I did or not I don’t even know I don’t know that was 150 hard shot I
don’t know if I hit him or not cool dude got a shot if it’s good I’ll buy either
what’s that no that’s the way they were doing it oh don’t worry it works perfect
maybe I just missed better reload this gun we finally did it back telling us that
son of a gun you can tell in the video yeah he doesn’t even move the big one or in the middle here yeah
which I moved up there’s in hindsight yeah you couldn’t learn much for this
because they jumped up right here they did yeah like they were head in the
private line with that CRP now they’re all betting on the private and he
luckily they all came down because were the cover in did you see him you might have seen him
too or a different one but yeah there’s a whole bunch of days when I started
going across and then I saw it right at the end there was when we jumped them
off I mean we were right here when you shot yeah he was going funny small
enough so are you just stop it I mean it was a shot I should have been able to
make it is execution is working it seems that’s good that’s a positive thing yeah
she wasn’t really mm-hmm well I’m just not gonna even shoot that
I know it’s working it’s gonna work yeah I think we know what we’re doing
now he’s done it enough years that’s work that’s a good thing about knowing
these bedding areas to is like we know that that’s a better area and we know
the next closest one they’re gonna want to get to is right right there and that
makes everything so much easier well not even not even right there it’s right
there yeah and that’s where they were gonna go you know the thing the only
thing that would have made that work perfectly is if we’d have been up
another 50 yards 60 yards and it would have been 100 and set on a future that’s
the only I mean because last year they weren’t going right across the top up
there and we heard him coming down through the woods we thought they were
gonna come up here and they start shooting down but ever yeah ever since
we got permission to go in from that private and we’re able to get on the
backside like that they’re all just going straight to that betting game
because we’re pretty much blocking that side off for a long before would like
they even know were there you go this way well we certainly missed the beer I mean
he doesn’t even flinch in the video we watch that back found that out pretty
quickly but you can see fresh tracks right here too and he was bleeding and
seated on the snow he just stood there for awhile never seen a deer they’ve
been hit that just stands there but it’s my fault I actually think I held too
high I thought that he was a little bit further I held it just to touch touch
higher than I should have when really should have just held right
on and right I thought I thought he was more like well I guess it’s not that
much farther but I thought he was 175 he was 150 in the way the gun
shooting I should have just held it right on him but I held it high I held
it more like I was holding it for the 200-yard shot and it’s just a big
difference with the muzzleloader it really starts to drop there’s just bullets
just not traveling as fast so I’m sure I just shot way over his back is better
than hitting it yeah and wounding it so maybe I didn’t hit over his back maybe
I’m totally full of it and I just got buck fever and luck we’re gonna watch
and it hits that tree up there or something but so whatever you missed
some box sometimes I just been waiting to shoot one for so long it’s just like
I don’t think I don’t think I’ve ever I don’t think I’m gonna do it
he’s a nice buck maybe we’ll get another chance at a different one at some