hey guys retired at 40 Spring has
officially sprung stuffs turning green but it’s still a little bit too early to
plant most things here in zone 5 so I have been using this greenhouse for the
last couple months and its really been doing well but it’s real real expensive
it’s about twenty five hundred dollars so I thought to myself there’s got to be
a better way that you can make a geodesic dome greenhouse for much much
less so I thought about it for quite a while and I was trying to figure out how
to make the circle base and how to make that sturdy enough to support something
that would have big arches going over the top so I think I’ve got the solution
and it was staring me right in the face the trampoline so we’ve had this beat
down trampoline for lots and lots of years and it’s starting to get pretty
crunchy so you can find these just about anywhere they’re all over Craigslist
people getting rid of them Facebook classifieds I’m sure you can find one in
a junkyard so the first thing I’m going to do is tear it all apart and then I’m
going to show you how we’re gonna convert this into this so my biggest
goals for building this because I want to keep the cost down obviously if
you’ve seen my other hoop house video it’s kind of a just a traditional hoop
house I was able to build that for about 150 dollars and I’m thinking this might
even be a little bit less than that and my other goal is to I want it to be able
to withstand the weather I know a lot of people that use these live in climates
that don’t necessarily have the greatest winter and early growing season weather
what this has going for it so far is it’s free so the first thing you’ll notice is that
the the circle is about the same size as the $2,500 hoop house so we’re way ahead
of the game already the second really huge plus of this is that when you flip
this over you get these little mounts where the support legs sat and those are
gonna be perfect for putting our PVC in so we’ve already got a nice galvanized
steel which is gonna be great for weatherproof the steel also is gonna
give us some great strength for the base so we’ve got a great base to start with
and the price was right let’s go get some materials all right so far Google clocks
forty-three cents so I counted 12 of these which means I’m
gonna have to have six big arches going across like this all right so here’s my
pile of goods so far and you can see that this is the gray PVC and the reason
why I like grey is a couple of reasons the gray is for electrical it’s a lot
better than the white PVC because it’s meant to go outside so it’s UV protected
or resistant and it’ll last a lot lot longer the other reason I like it is it
has these has two different ends to it it’s got the female end and it’s got the
male end so when you put them together you get one nice solid piece like that
so I understand all these are going to be just a little bit different but as
luck would have it on mine this diameter on this is just over an inch and my PVC
is a one inch PVC so that slips down and there perfect I was originally gonna
make my hoops 20 feet because each of these pieces is 10 feet long which means
since there was 12 little outlets I would need six arches so basically I
would need 12 pieces of PVC but I’m gonna show you why that’s not gonna work so I want to be able to stand up inside
of here and it’s not quite long enough so I bought a couple of extra pieces I’m
going to take those and I’m going to piece them in the center and then we’re
gonna make it so it’s tall enough that you can stand up inside of it so I’m
gonna try four feet and see how much of a difference that makes obviously our
male end right here will fit down into the holder this coupler side is not
going to fit down so rather than hacking it off I’m going
to take the piece that we just cut and I’m gonna put the two coupler ends with
the piece in the middle and then well on each end we’ll have a piece that will
fit down in the holder all right so it looks like four feet is
really really good it’s just a perfect height it gives you
enough vertical wall that you can actually get some beds and stuff in
there I do think before I go any farther I’m
going to try and get the base secured you can see it’s kind of falling apart
over here and the more the more hoops I put in here the more it’s going to want
to kind of pull it apart okay so as I put these in here it keeps pulling this
apart so I’m gonna try and get these put together I’m gonna drill a pilot hole in
the inside so it’s not rubbing on the plastic when we get that on now I’m
gonna take a self-tapping screw and just screw that into that hole alright we’re
all screwed so to speak I want to take a minute to welcome you to the channel if
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comment we love hearing from you guys okay so our base is nice and sturdy now
we’ve got our first hoop across here I’m gonna cut one more to go across here I’m
gonna cut it at the same length so it will actually help this from drooping a
little bit and that’ll give us a nice foundation and another little tip if you
can leave these out in the Sun so they just kind of get beat on by the Sun a
little bit it warms them up and they’ve actually Bend a lot easier and a lot
nicer so now that we know that everything fits you need some solvent
cement this is actually made for the gray PVC I believe you can probably also
use an all-purpose but you want to make sure I think the difference between the
gray PVC is its it’s okay if Sun beats on it it doesn’t make it brittle over
time so we have a really nice base but I’m not liking where these come together
right here because we’re gonna have six of those they’re gonna be really ugly
and they’re gonna kind of be mish-mashed so I found one of these so if you’re
looking for these these are actually called a cross tee this is one-inch PVC
they don’t actually make them in the gray they only make them in schedule 40
white as far as I know I looked for a little bit and I couldn’t find him even
even on the internet I couldn’t find him what would really be helpful is if you
could find one of these where all of the hoops would come into it but I don’t
know that they make them maybe a greenhouse supply company may would make
one if you know about one please let leave me a comment in the comment
section because it would be very helpful just with that mishmash of where
everything kind of comes together so this will actually help clean it up
quite a bit I’m only gonna have three of these where all of the hoops come
together so they’ll kind of just sit on top of each other and then we’ve got our
cross tees we need this is a 3/8 by 6 inch and it’s an exterior carriage bolt
and if you need a drill bit that will clear that carriage bolt we’re gonna
drill a hole in the middle of this and we’re gonna pop this through all three
of these and that will keep them all solid and nice nice and together so
along with the carriage bolt I’ve got a nut obviously and two washers and a lock
washer we’re gonna take our four foot section we’re just going to cut that in
half that’ll give us some room to add that tee in and then while I’m at it I’m
actually gonna cut a few more of these and that way we can finish our hoops all right so what you’re going to end up
with is three of these cross sections like this then these are going to be the
cross sections for your 12 hoops like a bird on a tree I’m just sitting here I got time it’s clear to see from up here the world seems small we can sit too it’s so beautiful
you and me okay we’re down to our last couple of
steps for the frame I want to just kind of bulk this up a little bit just
because it’s gonna be affected by the wind if we don’t now I’m gonna do that
as take some half-inch electrical PVC same as what we use for the frame it’s
just a little bit narrower and we’re gonna build a circle that goes all the
way around here so before we do that we need to make sure that this is good and
set down all the way around you need to make sure that all of those are
completely set down as far as you can and then you can see this one has a hole
on each side so ideally you could just run a bolt through there and just that
would keep it down nice and tight for now I think I’m just gonna take just a
screw and run it down through there just to get it started but we need to do
that all the way around so I’m gonna take one of my scrap pieces of PVC I’m
gonna figure out how high I want this to sit on all I’m gonna mark it it’s where I’ve marked the proper height
i’m going to drill a hole right on that line in the center take some of your left over one inch
drill a hole all the way through it and then take a bigger drill bit and just on
one side so what this will allow you to do is you have two holes in there you
can slide this smaller half inch through it and just kind of thread the needle
all the way around then we’re going to need 12 just little itty bitty screws
those are going to go through here and onto the thick hoop PVC so the great
thing about this method too is if you wanted to add another one of these or
even two or three more of these to just really get it to be rigid if you’re in a
high wind area it’s totally doable and it’s not gonna get in the way of
anything it’s just gonna add a little bit of extra cost okay so now that our
frame is done let’s total up the cost and see what we’re into this for I’ve
got a feeling we’re pretty well under $100 so I do want to let you know the
hundred dollars is just for the frame I figured a lot of people will want to do
their own kind of plastic maybe make their own kind of door however I am
gonna make a part two and I’ll put it out next week and that’ll show us how to
make the door we’ll get it fastened down with some stakes I’ll show you how to
make some stakes for real inexpensive and then best of all I’m gonna make it
so it’s self watering so you can throw it on a timer and it’ll just water
itself every day alright so for our total we’ve got 15 pieces of one-inch
PVC those are three dollars and 73 cents apiece that gives us a total of fifty
five dollars and ninety-five cents so next we have three pieces of half-inch
PVC those are two dollars and 21 cents apiece that gives us a total of 6.63
cents next we have three of the PVC cross tees
in schedule 40 those are nine dollars and fifty
for cents and then we have some various carriage bolts screws nuts bolts you
know all that kind of stuff that was eleven dollars and two cents and don’t
forget the most important part was our trampoline and that was free our grand
total is only eighty three dollars and four cents so building a DIY geodesic
dome greenhouse my original one that I purchased was twenty five hundred so in
less than eighty five dollars you could build several of them if you wanted to
so if you found the video helpful and hopefully it spurred some ideas of your
own make sure you give me a thumbs up I always welcome comments if you have
improvements or suggestions for me in order to improve the design don’t forget
to join me next week when we’re gonna cover it with some greenhouse plastic
we’re gonna fasten it to the ground we’re going to put the door in and we’re
also going to make it self watering in the meantime this is retired at 40
remember to live life simple we’ll catch you next week