hey whats up guys you know I always hated
the wind but I was always interested in renewable energy so i figured if i
manage to build a wind turbine and reduce my electricity bill I will for sure start to like windy days so my goal here is to build a wind
turbine which is capable of producing one point five kilowatts of energy it actually might produce more but
let’s go with 1.5 kilowatts which would be very good already this is not going to be an how to video
as i’m learning myself how to build one of these as I go so just keep an eye on my channel and I
will keep you updated on the progress if everything goes fine i will build
some kind of controller that monitors the current wind speed RPM of the wind turbine, current power being produced volts and amps and all this information
will be uploaded to some kind of IoT service so I can get detailed graphs I
will also implement a brake system that shorts the outputs of the wind turbine
in case the RPMs get too high but enough of talking let’s start ok so just a very fast and
basic explanation on how the wind turbine will work it will consist of a stator
with 9 coils each with 70 turns of 14 gauge or 1.6mm
enameled copper wire and this stator will be sandwiched in between two steel discs
containing 12 neodynium magnets each as the discs turn AC electricity will be
produced which then needs to be rectified to get usable DC current which can be used for
example to charge batteries or can be injected to the grid using a grid-tie
inverter today I’m starting with the discs ok so the discs i’m using are 30cm in diameter so about 12″ and are 6mm thick or
about a quarter inch a lot of people use brake discs for this which is fine if
you can get them free but I got mine laser cut with the right
dimensions for 6€ each for about 6.70 US dollars and for such a low price i don’t think
it is worth to use break discs I used sandpaper to get rid of rust and to
roughen the surface so the magnets stick better then I used paint thiner to clean it please don’t mind the shaky video this was
recorded using a security camera and it was a little windy I bet as soon as I finish the wind
turbine and I’m ready to test it the wind will completely vanish for at
least a week that’s how lucky I am I designed and 3d printed
these templates for the magnets but I could have done this
manually with wood to glue the magnets i’m using a drop of
super glue this is just temporary since later in
this video I will pour polyester resin on top of the magnets and the disc as you know the magnets have two
polarities the way you have to glue them to the disc is if the last magnet has
the north side facing up you have to glue the next magnet with
the south side facing up or vice versa as you can see i’m testing here so the
face that repels to the last magnet is to one that is going to stick to the disc and in the end you should always test if
all the magnets are in the correct position as you can always knock
them off as you can see I’m using a trowel to get it off because it wasn’t
quite in the right position I recommend using gloves to do this because you know these are quite strong
and if you get a finger between two of these it’s quite painful trust me these magnets are N52 grade and are
1″ x 2″ x 1/2″ or 50mm x 25mm x 10mm so to contain the polyester resin i’m
using this foil tape since it’s quite wide I’m cutting it in half so i can use it
for both discs same thing inside you can use any other type of tape as
long as it glues quite good to the disc and it doesn’t leak make sure you are working on a leveled
surface i’m just using normal polyester resin which is also known as fiberglass resin and you can get this in any home improvement store I used about 200mL for the two
discs Oh I don’t recommend using a can to do this because it gets attracted to the
magnets I didn’t think about it so you can use
like a… the bottom of a bottle for
instance you want to fill the spaces between the magnets but not up to the
surface of the magnets you want the magnets to stick out a little bit
but still you want to cover the magnets with a thin layer unfortunately i don’t have a picture of
the finished discs but i will show you in the next video that’s it for today if you enjoyed this video
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