hi guys I’m working on my review of the
Mavic mini but I had an interesting experience with it during testing and I
thought I need to share it with you as soon as possible
I had a DJI Spark previously and the obstacle avoidance sensor was a really
useful feature I felt a little bit worried because the Mavic Mini does
not have any but I thought the new 360 propeller guards will provide enough
safety so I was planning to fly with them on most of the time. For the initial flight
test I installed them and then the first surprises came. As you can see I received
the warning first which says aircraft power insufficient which seems to be
weird. There was some wind but nothing serious
Then came another warning which is even more interesting
it says extra payload detected max altitude set to 120 meters and max
distance set to 100 meters to ensure flight safety
when I tested to drone afterwards it stopped at 99 meters with the message
maximum flight distance reached I have to admit I did not read all of the tiny
manuals that came in the box but even after going through all of them I could
not find this error message and I did not have success with the Mavic Mini’s
standard online manual either as it turned out the accessories of the fly more
combo have their own separate manual and this message is described there as you
can see the speed and the service level is limited with the prop guards on which
is kind of understandable but the restriction of the flight height and
especially the distance is very strict if the maximum distance is only hundred
meters then there’s really not much you can do with the prop guards on it limits
the usage for indoor flying or some very low distance shots
apart from this limitation which was not mentioned at all in the early reviews I
saw online there’s another problem with the prop guards and I think that one is
more serious the next day we had some wind
I could not measure the wind speed exactly but as you can see it was not
particularly strong I watched carefully a lot of early
reviews and even the tests in similar circumstances seemed to be successful the Mavic Mini could held it’s position efficiently despite the wind so I
started flying with the prop guards on and after going up to about 60 meters I
noticed that the drone is drifting to the left very heavily instead of holding the position it was
moving sideways and it was moving pretty fast I tried to turn around to come back
but it was really really struggling to fight with wind and it could barely move
forward despite the maximum flight distance reached warning the distance
was increasing rapidly at this point I thought that I won’t be able to come
back and I have to find a landing position somewhere on the fields finally
after descending to a lower altitude I managed to slowly come back and at the
end landed safely this is another test I did afterwards
first I took off the prop guards and started to hover with the drone at
around 2 meters as you can see without the prop guards the Mavic Mini holds
the position perfectly, zero issues with the wind. I went up to about 60 meters
and still no drifting the drone is holding the position at this height with
the prop guards on there was already some very heavy drifting now here’s the same
hovering test with the prop guards on and at a much lower altitude after
takeoff you can immediately see that the drone has a much tougher job and at some point it simply gives up and starts to drift away almost uncontrollably I was
quite lucky because I did not hit anything and I could land it safely but
it wasn’t easy so now I’m quite confused about the prop
guards I used them on the Spark as well and they did a good job since the
Mavic Mini does not have obstacle avoidance sensors I would advise to use
them all the time but with the guards on the flight distance is heavily limited
and most importantly it is practically impossible to fly the drone with them
on even in moderately windy conditions I was trying to find anyone with a
similar experience online but did not succeed not sure if it is a problem with
my unit or is this something general please share your experience in the
comments and stay tuned for the full review