♪ If you’ve got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well, I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s Life
Hacks for Kids ♪ – It’s April, and you
know what that means, April showers.
(thunder rumbles) Turn that frown upside down
and learn to love the rain with these Rain Rain
Don’t Go Away Hacks. First thing’s first, we’ll
need something to help us know when it’s gonna rain. That’s why I’m going
to hack a barometer. A barometer is a
tool that measures the pressure in the atmosphere. This will give us a hint
if it will rain or not. So, let’s make my
weather or not predictor. To make this, you’ll
need a jar, scissors, markers, a rubber band,
a straw, a balloon, Scotch tape, and
a piece of paper. Cut the top off of the
balloon, and then toss it. Stretch the balloon over
the opening of the jar. (playful instrumental music) Put a rubber band around
the lid to seal it. (playful instrumental music) Cut one end of your
straw off so it’s pointy. You’ll want to cut
the bendy part off. Tape the other end of the straw to the middle of the balloon. Time to make your
measuring system. Fold your piece of paper
in half, hamburger style. So it can stand up. Made a dot where the
point of your straw lands on the paper. (playful instrumental
ragtime music) Then draw a line from the dot
to the edge of your paper. Draw two lines on either
side of your first line. Use two fingers to measure. (playful instrumental
ragtime music) Draw rain next to
the bottom line. This will be where your straw
points when it’s raining. (playful instrumental
ragtime music) Draw a sun next to the top one. This is where your
barometer will point when it’s a sunny day. If it’s sunny out, the
straw will point to here, and if it’s raining,
it will point to here. (thunder rumbles) Whoa, hold on to
your thunder-wear, it’s going to be a rainy day. Good thing I’ve got this next
hack that’ll make you say for shizzle to some drizzle
and help you keep the rain out of your rain boots. These are my cute to boot socks. To make this, you’ll need
one scarf cut in two parts, and two shoelaces. Wrap an old scarf
around your calf. (upbeat horn music) Tie a shoelace around the
middle so your scarf can’t move. (upbeat horn music) Put your rain boot on. Fold the top half of the scarf
over the boot so it’s secure. Do that to the other side. (upbeat horn music) Now rain can’t get through. These socks are sure to
help me weather the storms, but what do you
do if it’s raining cats and dogs on your dog? It’s my doggone rain coat. (dog barks) To make this, you’ll
need a pair of scissors, an old plastic bag, and
some ribbon or string. Cut from the top
of the bag to the bottom of the bag on one side. (big band music) Flip it over. (big band music) Cut an ‘X’ right here. (big band music) Pretend that my hand
is the dog’s head. This is how it will look. Tie the handles of
your bag together. This will rest above his tail. Carefully tie a ribbon around
your dog’s tummy as a belt. I feel like I’m
missing something. Oh yeah, a model. This is my lovely
assistant, Cadbury. Say hello. Cadbury, you look like
a reigning world champ. You’re such a good boy.