It`s raining today. On rainy day, I often take a shower for a change. And I always listen to music on rainy day. Lately I`ve been listening to Kaho Nakamura, Ovall, and Plastic Plastic. (Note: Both Kaho Nakamura and Ovall are Japanese artists. Plastic Plastic is from Thailand.) This is tea in Turkey. My friend traveled to Turkey and bought it for me as a souvinr. Here is one more but I don`t know the difference between them… Anyone know? I usually put tea powder in the teapot with the eyes. I make the plan to push myself is to make a to-do list. First, to clean the washroom. To declutter my cups. A graphic design work. But I want to play the Nintendo switch game. So I`ll finish the three tasks so as to play the game. It has become fun. I bought this cup three days ago. I have to declutter cups because they have increased in number. I have a tendency to buy a cute cup. I bought the latest popular cup. I`m thinking… I wonder we don`t need these so many, but we are in pairs. These two are made by hand-maid artists is important This is necessary because it is cute. This is a birthday gift. This is a keepsake for I made it in Okinawa. I`m going to work a graphic design task. I`ll write ideas here. I introduce a pen I often use. This work is a side business. I`ll create a CD jacket. It`s really fining up. It`s too bright. I`ve done my tasks! So I`ll play the game! I like “The Legend of Zelda”. adventure or cook or fight nemies. I had no idea I am addicted to it.