Hello everyone! I am in Yokohama today. It has just begun to rain. Today I want to paint a picture of the rain. When it starts to rain, the important thing is the road that was dark until now begins to get wet with rain, and the sky reflects and the road looks bright. So it is important to draw it. First, add a rough color in the town. Like this. In this way, the lights of the car will be reflected on the road. And when it rains we’ll have an umbrella, right? I will draw this details. But the top of the umbrella leaves a white of the paper. Don’t draw too much people’s details. Draw it with a simple dark-colored silhouette, and expressing walking people. Like this. How is this? You’ll see people clearly? For example, there are road signs and signals on the street. Let’s draw more of this interesting objects. And Signboard. But it will look hazy because it is in the rain today. The person in front is a supporting figure, so I draw roughly. Now, the figure is dark colored, so you can see clearly? The fact that the figure is dark is that the bright ground is emphasized. By doing so, the viewer might think that this rainy scene is beautiful. If the screen is not colored enough, add a colors. And let’s express the atmosphere of a happy town. Draw a reflection of the light on the road again and finished.