So, you know how hikers talk about getting like Christmas songs or Disney songs stuck in their head just like non-stop. Well, this hike has been very much a Pocahontas theme for me because when it was windy non-stop I had Colors of the Wind stuck in my head and now that we’ve been around the Gila so much they’ve been talking about around the next bend or you know, just beyond the riverbend so Yeah, it’s been a doozy Wading through the Gila River we’ve got to keep a safe distance Alright, so where am I supposed to fall? Alright so I think the hiker hunger is kicking in because this reminds me of like cheeto balls except it’s doodoo color but uh doodoo color cheeto balls or maybe like Milk Duds or Whoppers or something we ended up getting to see the cliff dwelling today and we weren’t sure if we were gonna get to because to get to them and backtrack to the trail was gonna be like a six mile round trip and we were like I don’t know if we want to, you know do that much extra walking but it turns out that uh, somebody that’s through hiking right now had a friend section hiking with her and We had seen them earlier at Doc Campbell’s and they pulled up to the visitors center in a car And so we were like, oh man do you mind taking us down there at least one way and so they actually ended up taking us both ways and walking through the cliff dwellings with us, so the trail provides and hikers look out for each other and that was just awesome because it really isn’t a whole lot of Traffic out here that we could have necessarily gotten hitch with. The cliff dwellings were definitely worth it though It’s like a mile loop to walk through and you get to actually walk through Some of the caves and things like that and see the different rooms and try to imagine like what were these? Used for who are these people that lived here? And It’s just really neat. So if you’re in the area definitely recommend checking that out worth the mile trek And I will say one of the things that I liked about it is that you can actually get hurt there I know it sounds weird But like you get to climb up ladders And down ladders and there aren’t railings in all of the walkways and so it just seemed a lot more Natural and true to what that was in history than a lot of the national parks and national monuments. I’ve been to We have had to work for our miles today, I think we’ve crossed the river About 80 times like just today and hadn’t even quite gotten 15 miles so I Guess when we get back on regular ground, we’ll have to make up for some of this river walk in time Better late than never. its getting kind of dark, but this is a hot springs and This is where we’re gonna camp tonight. Oh Oh Yeah Haha, this is awesome. Oh man. It’s like a personal hot tub on the trail On a scale from one to ten with one being I want to stay in my tent and sleep and ten being like The only thing I want to do in life right now is hike How much do you feel like hiking today? Three Pretty excited about it Today we will hit River Crossing 200 I’ve still been counting I’ve lost count a couple of times but I keep going with the conservative number so we may even be At 200 now . Now if you’re wondering like I was before I got out here why in the world Do they have the trail crossing the river 200 times when you should just stay on one side of the bank and you know maybe cross a couple of times but well, the answer is geology because You’ll have a sandbar on one side for a little while and then it turns into like a straight Rock cliff, like a rock wall so there is nowhere to walk unless you walk in the river which we have at times you cross to the other side and it’s a sand bank for a little while and sometimes even goes through like Little forested patches which is nice and then boom rock wall again. So It’s just necessary each time. We’ve crossed it’s necessary to do so, so Yep, over 200 by the time we get done with this little section We’ve still been crossing the river multiple times in a mile stretch but We’ve had more of these long Actual pathways through grass and forested areas and so it’s kind of a nice change a Lot of access to water but getting to go through areas that you know, we can actually just walk. I’m currently sitting here Messaging my mom and my sister on the inReach and they’re letting me know how close the channel is 100,000 and I mean it’s exciting don’t get me wrong. But the main reason that They are letting me know is because Aaron and I had a bet. 5 p.m. Central Time he said that we would already be at 100k and I said we wouldn’t and there are like nine minutes to go and it’s like Five subs to 100k, so didn’t realize it would be this close so I’m waiting on him to tell him but uh, ah, It’s so close. Oh, and the stakes are a Steak dinner. So if if we are already at 100 K when five o’clock Central time hits and Then I owe him a state dinner And if we are less than 100k when the video drops at five then he owes me a steak dinner either way It’s a win-win it is killing me four minutes to go and I haven’t gotten a message update it’s gonna be so close and we made this bet like a week and a half ago or so, I mean We never imagined it would come down to literally the last five minutes. So just Waiting to hear back from them As far as I know it’s two minutes to go and we still need five subscribers. I never thought I’d be so excited about not hitting 100k But that steak dinner is gonna be good And the results are in mom said at Five o’clock p.m. When the video hit there were four subscribers to go ninety nine thousand nine hundred inety-six. I can’t wait to tell him he lost So the results are in Looks like I’m gonna have to enjoy a steak dinner cuz we were like for subs away. I’m happy for ya And apparently twelve minutes after five we hit 100,000 subscribers another hiker told Aaron that this is ruins from the people before it looks like rock to us, but I Guess you could imagine it now this might be what she meant cuz this looks like Somebody actually put effort into building a little wall here Pretty cool You can actually see where they created like a mixture to Make the rocks hold together. It’s pretty neat you know it’s really a shame that those Ancient people didn’t follow Leave No Trace standards just sayin This Middle Fork section of the Gila River alternate has been Amazing like majestic Just the cliffs and Just the variation and terrain from rock to greenery – water – sand – all of it it’s just everything all at one time and it’s Absolutely, beautiful What you lookin at? Feels like a postcard, I just can’t stop taking pictures. snow lake. It’s definitely the prettiest section of trail I’ve seen so far and I’m sure the CDT is just gonna continue to get prettier and prettier So pert caught this fish a few miles back apparently with his bare hands and then ran into somebody Who happend to have foil here camping on a grill. well not on a grill. Camping near a grill. Yeah, like what in the world? Do you feel like a man? I feel pretty awesome