On the draw watch Saturday’s rain and then snow did almost at up to a half inch in the rain gauge our yearly total now 8.63 we should be just over 9 inches so we got about a half-inch rainfall deficit but it has turned into a pretty good year in the moisture department now clouds have increased Northwest New Mexico where there are like radar returns none of that activity reaching the ground it would probably be cold enough for snow that this morning got a lot of sponsor temperatures well in the 20s and 30s we checking on early-morning windspeeds and it is just a touch breezy in spots so we do have a windchill factor it feels like it is below freezing around most of the state here’s a look at the overall weather pattern that El Niño influenced Northwest flow just off the Pacific is going to loading the barrel with system after system the next one starts depressing tomorrow it’s over the state on Thursday followed by another storm that could be swinging through on Sunday today though it’s just gonna be the mostly cloudy skies maybe later on this afternoon there’s a touch of a wintry mix over the San Juan’s expect rain and snow showers potentially areas of difficult travel over northwest to Mexico tonight and into tomorrow morning and then for Wednesday it looks like we will continue to see the scattered showers of rain and snow mainly across the West Central and the Northwest edge of the state the Albuquerque metro kind of right on the edge of the action don’t expect much out east unfortunately across Southeast in Mexico actually looks a little cooler than yesterday with highs in the 50s Ruidoso only it’s 47 in southwestern New Mexico temperatures will be further into the 50s with that I n quarter possibly tting 60 north wes wexico slightly cooler than yesterday as well highs right around 50 not so bad though for December afternoon North Central mountains with probably dry skies today despite lots of cloud cover eyes are just barely going to crank the 40 Mark for the most part Northeast New Mexico it’s also temperatures in the 40s today with Lowe’s tonight dipping down below freezing well into the 20s the Albuquerque metro actually look about five then yesterday with highs in the low 50s lows tonight well the freezing mark or upper 20s there will be a slight chance for light rain and light snow around the metro tomorrow that continues into Thursday Friday Saturday a brief break in the action before we could be dealing with another weather system coming through on Sunday.