hello it’s been leading up to this for a
while now but finally the whole country is covered in snow let’s take a look at
the week ahead and see what’s actually happening I know you know the order of
the week days already but I’m gonna write them down here anyway so you know
what happens after Tuesday things are much cooler in the UK when compared to
the tension between USA and North Korea right now
in fact Monday is one of those days when you have to drag yourself out of bed so
I must tell you this stone emma has been making its way outside the country and
started from Northwest and now it’s making its way down the country and out
and depending on what happens on the 29th of March
she might be allowed back in the country if we look at the top and in the
Scotland region schools are covered in thick layers of snow which means that
kids are using it as a training ground for the next Winter Olympics and the
snow is moving its way down south towards Manchester where the flights are
all being canceled thank god Manchester is there and we have the sea otherwise
we would have all been stranded on this island right now
oops where the picture come from as we move our way down towards Midlands area
we know that Birmingham is going to get better as we get towards Wednesday in
fact we know Birmingham is doing well because all the Nando’s has complete
stock right now and we’ve even checked their routes so what’s gonna happen is
the delivery trucks are going to take a full load of chicken from Northwest and
move its way down so if you’re in Midlands in around Wednesday area you’re
going to have complete stock of Nando’s which you can enjoy as we move towards a
Thursday it’s gonna feel a little like Friday but less like Tuesday but don’t
confuse it because Thursday remains Thursday you can always Google to check
what day you’re on in case it comes to it in fact here’s a snapshot of all the
towns and the temperature they have oh okay okay sorry
that’s my Spotify playlist no no not that loop another let’s move on I’m so
thankful that we have high quality high quality images right now so we can
really zoom in and see real time what the
whether is saying in different places right now if you are anywhere near the
Peak District area you could be enjoying M&Ms right next to a river as we are
close to the weekend and move towards London we’re going to see a little mix
of stones E and a touch of rain happening across different parts of
London the temperature in London across close to the weekend is going to be
about 1700 degrees and we called big Shaq and we confirmed the man is still
not hot so you can all keep your jackets on as we look into the forecast for next
week it’s going to be the same as it has been in the UK for the last decade or so
so in one day you’re going to get rain followed by a little bit of sunny spell
storm and maybe snow so as you head out make sure you take your umbrella your
shorts your shades and a big puffer jacket that’s it from me now back to the