Now we turn to our Michelle Park at the weather
center for the latest updates. Michelle, what’s the weather like this weekend? Daniel, we are going to see blue skies with
a few clouds tomorrow. But remember that we are going to have scorching
sun coming through, which will make us start sweating instantly. So drink lots of water and have your sunblock
ready. Rain is constantly in the forecast. There are chances of sporadic showers in the
southern region through the night while the east coast and Jeju will get rain until the
morning. The amount isn’t much but there is blustery
wind with it. The morning in Seoul begins at 18 degrees
Celsius. It’s slightly higher in Gwangju at 20, and
Busan at 19 degrees. It’s not going to be sticky, though, since
a northeasterly wind will keep the air moving,… especially in the east. Daegu and Busan remain in the mid-twenties
while Seoul reaches 29 degrees. Seoul and most other regions will stay clear
but Jeju continues to get soaked by the monsoon rain this weekend, which will spread nationwide
by Monday. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.