All the way over the top! Like a Christmas tree!
Can you see it? Like tinsel! Here comes the wind!
Let us get ready! and off we are to the summit! I already have been to Alaska
with Philip in 2012 and 2014. We did two big projects and
tried to ride up huge mountains. Unfortunately the weather let
us down twice! But I was just not ready yet to
give up. I said to myself let me call Philip
and see if he is up for another
adventure! He convinced me with some
pretty nice pictures and also took onboard two others,
Tobi and Maxi. When he talked about the project,
it was clear that I had to join! The idea is to kite up a
mountain and fly, ski or freeride down again. Unpack the kite again, kite up,
pack down the kite, get out the speedwing and
fly down. Simply standing on top of a
mountain, with the kite up high and the wind blowing strong… The biggest concern was as usual,
how would the weather be? There are a lot of depression
systems passing by with a lot
of rain and snow. Do we finally get the chance? We arrived in Tromsø at
the airport with all our luggage 7 bags and 3 boardbags. I thought how the heck will we
fit all of our stuff in this little VW Passat and drive
hundreds and hundreds of
kilometers through Norway… After an amazing drive we made
it to our little house on the Lyngen peninsula from where we
wanted to leave for our first
big glacier snowkite trip. We started our trip on the
Lyngen peninsula in a small
fishermen’s village. The snow was awesome when we arrived, but then 3 days of rain… That was annoying! Has anybody seen the sun? The weather was so bad that we
could not start our glacier tour. It literally rained and snowed
all day and night! Wednesday looks better, but we will get strong winds up high though… Despite the bad weather we did
not allow anyone to dampen
our spirits… What is going on out there? No matter what we do –
he is always sleeping! In the evening two hours of hot tub –
relaxing all muscles… I have to admit, we really have
the best weather one can choose! Avalanches went down everywhere
to the left, to the right, in
front, below! I would say it was simply
amazing! It was great! Are you ready?
We are almost done! I am totally relaxed already! To find the perfect playground
was my personal goal for this
trip! I hope we finally find the
perfect playground with this
ship! The others shot upfront with
their lightweight Dynafit toothpick skis – and me with my
fat powderskis. I just thought please let there be wind so
that we can unpack the kites and
kite up the mountain! He tried to pull up the kite,
which of course did not work… Are we there yet?
Are we? Are we? I am not sure! This is it?
Is it?
Yes! This is it! When we finally found our
playground Tobi and Maxi
were unstoppable. While Philip and me just wanted
to go to bed, the other two went totally crazy and told us
to remove all the snow which they dug out of of the cave! I always loved to build Igloos
and snowcaves when I was a
child. And now finally being on the
mountain and having to acutally build a snowcave to
deal with the situation was something I really enjoyed! Welcome to the castle! Welcome to the castle! Our cooking niche with utensils one niche for salt and pepper
one niche for gas, trash, groats packaging, ducktape, cuttlery… This one is for the powerbank
and this one for charging. And up here is our ventilation
system. There are also private niches
which we are not allowed to film …too much highly confidential stuff! Watch out for the gust! Fake News… Complete whiteout! That’s it with the visibility. Up on the ridge we had to turn
around! No chance… We hurry up now and get back to
our basecamp soon. Yummy! Cheese! Excellent! And now some
Quesadillas! Good? Go Go Go! Up to the summit! Very frustrating! Coming up
here, bringing all the gear… building a great camp and
now only bad weather… Stop crying! If you are up here for days
and lie in your tent all day you melt hollow pit’s
into the snow with your butt. At the end you slide together
more and more for cuddling. We made the best out of it –
we had a lotf fun and this is something you do not
do every day – so it’s okay… We continue! That’s clear! Wait for me! Then we went on to the Lofoten
Islands with the Hurtigruten
ferry. With a granny boat…
That was very funny… Without our knitting gear we
felt a bit excluded… But it was also very nice, we
had a great breakfast and the landscape was
just incredible! I like it! This is the perfect
compensation for bad coffee and oat meal on the glacier! The ship just passed the bridge! Incredible! Unbelievable scenes are
happening right here! Do we really deserve this? Of course! Tobi, what are we doing today? I am looking for a good run! Let’s go over there!
That mountain looks amazing! Captain do you think that
you can drop us there? Yes of course – No problem! Let’s go full speed ahead! 17 hours later, all hope was put
in the Lofoten Islands. We finally arrived and…
No wind! Great weather but no wind… Slowly even I had doubts about
how realistic it was to get this perfect summit day
with the kite… The forecast did not look too
bad, so we took the car to check out the spots! The wind was a desaster but at
least we had some fun! The wind finally came!
However it was the wrong
direction! Discovering new terrain with
friends was simply amazing! Having fun with the crew is
always cool on such a trip. But my expectations were high
and I just simply wanted to kite up a mountain and
stand on the summit one time! We studied the weather every
day and all of a sudden the wind
turned! This compensated for everything! I now believe in snowkiting again Kite up with the wind,
overtaking the ski tourer and just having so much fun! Let yourself be pulled up the
mountain by a kiter, mix and combine all the
different sports! that is my thing! And then two days full blast! Sitting in the evening sun
watching the sunset for hours always perfect conditions…
just amazing… It was a great time, with
everyone having fun and enjoying themselves!
We had a great time! It was just fantastic…