My Reunion that you’re dying to watch. Good to see you, Cloud. Your Geostigma is gone? That’s too bad. Sephiroth, what do you want? The last thoughts of Geostigma’s dead. Those remnants will join the
Lifestream and girdle the planet. Choking it. Corroding it. What I want, Cloud… …is to sail the darkness of the
cosmos with this planet as my vessel… …just as my mother did long ago. Then one day we’ll find a new planet… …and on its soil we’ll
create a shining future. What about this planet? Well, that’s up to you, Cloud. Where did you find this strength? I’m not about to tell you! I’ve thought of a
wonderful present for you. Shall I give you despair? On your knees. I want you
to beg for forgiveness. Is this the pain you felt before, Cloud? Let me remind you… …this time, you won’t forget. Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away. So what if it looks hopeless? If it were me, I still
wouldn’t give up. Embrace your dreams. And, whatever happens, protect
your honor as SOLDIER. Well, okay, you never made SOLDIER. But it’s what’s in here that counts. Zack. Well, you need a hand with him? You already beat him once didn’t
you? This should be a cinch. Yeah. Cloud, you know what I told you. That’s right. I am your living legacy. I pity you. You just don’t get it at all. There’s not a thing I don’t cherish! Stay where you belong, in my memories. I will never be a memory. Brother… (Kadaj?) (You don’t have to hang on any longer…) Mother, is that… (Everyone’s waiting…if you’re ready.)