Although wind turbines are a new technology, operation and maintenance methods are stuck in the previous century. Field engineers use checklists on paper, and the quality of work depends entirely on an individual’s experience. Manager often spend far too much time writing reports and organizing data where this time could be better spent analyzing them. Can’t we do better than that? Can we innovate the process using the latest mobile and cloud technology, and make data-driven O&M a reality? What if the team on the field could increase their efficiency by making better use of their time? What if managers in the back office can have an insight into what’s happening in the field, live? What if data is automatically organized, so managers can make intelligent O&M decisions instantly? With these questions at heart, we spent years developing and testing a software solution. It’s called Field Pro. Field Pro makes it possible for anyone to perform service and inspection to the highest standard, regardless of their engineering experience. With a mobile device in your hand, you can follow detailed step-by-step guidance while performing the required procedures. With just a few taps, a report is automatically generated and uploaded to the cloud. By having your reports on the cloud, a manager has real-time access to the generated information, facilitating instant communication between the office and the field team while they are still up-tower. You can also visualize and track any issues for the entire wind farm using the Field pro web portal with no extra effort; allowing you to make decisions based on accurate data from the field intuitively. As a result of this technology, you will be able to improve both O&M quality and manage failure costs. Now we invite you to innovate your O&M practice with Field Pro.