Forces of nature let their presence clearly
be felt in the southern regions of the nation. Heavy snowfall and strong winds grounded flights
and clogged roads. Making matters worse, the mercury’s expected
to dip even further down in the next couple of days. Park Hee-jun give us the updates. Intense winter weather caused havoc Wednesday
in the southern regions of Korea, snarling traffic on the roads and at the airports. The southern island of Jeju was one of the
worst-hit. A heavy snowfall alert was issued for the
entire island as of 7 p.m. Wednesday. More snow is expected to fall until Friday,…
with some moutainous areas likely to be blanketed with up to 50 centimeters of snow. Fierce winds caused chaos at Jeju International
Airport for a second day. The strong wind and windshear warnings issued
for all arriving and departing flights in southern cities, including Gwangju and Yeosu,…
led to dozens of delays and cancellations. As of 5 p.m. local time,… 86 flights to
and from those cities were delayed and 28 cancelled. Meanwhile, heavy snowfall and strong winds
forced the authorities to completely close off Jeju’s highest peak, Mount Hallasan,…
and most roads along the island’s coast. Service was suspended on all passenger ships
as well. In Jeollanam-do Province, where strong wind
and heavy snow warnings were issued,… a series of car accidents have also occurred
continuously, particularly in Gwangju and Suncheon. Although there were no deaths, dozens were
injured and taken to the hospital. Further damage is expected on Thursday due
to snowfall continuing until the next morning. Seoul has seen only light snow in the morning,
but the cold has some roads and sidewalks frozen. Temperatures are forecast to drop even more
on Thursday,… likely making for the coldest day so far this season. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.