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about all things Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, genre fiction… Cheryl, how’re you doing? I’m doing well, Dan. I found someone in this office who’s excited with me for the revival of Press Your Luck. Uh, but this is a show to talk about – not
game shows – but Game of Thrones. Ah, I love it! I love a good transition.
– That sweet segway. Okay the first thing we’re going to discuss today… Season 8 is coming up. April 14th. We
all know it. Yadda yadda yadda. Um. Okay. So i’m sure you heard – or wrote about the fact – that they… WE actually. YOU and I! Um, well… Reddit and then I took credit (lol), discovered
the episode lengths for the final six episodes of Game of Thrones ever and
they came out and they are as follows The premiere: 54 minutes. Second episode: 58 minutes. Then we got 60 minutes (third episode?) Then it goes into overdrive. 78 minutes for episode 4. 80 minutes episode 5. 80 minutes for episode 6. So some nice “meaty” episodes. Cheryl do you have any opinions on that cause the internet sure did? Uh, the internet was losing its mind over the… Its collective mind over the whole 54 to 58 minutes Like, “oh my God, we’re getting shortchanged” And I just kinda sat there and was like… Guys I would rather we have some shorter kind of
tighter episodes for episodes 1 & 2. And save all of that sweet, sweet screen time for
3, 4, 5 & 6 3 we know is bananas to put it mildly. And four, five and six
are kind of mysteries she one of our and those are the really long ones and those
are the really long ones and that’s kind of delightful and I did the math that’s
right I did math and it is almost seven hours of content it’s like six point
eight three hours of content it’s a lot of copy it’s a lot of content it’s
nearly an extra hour of Game of Thrones action and so I don’t know why
everyone’s getting all excited about it I was just excited that I we get these
super-sized episodes I really hope episode six doesn’t have a
big long epilogue like you see me be wishing for more on that oh yeah we just
had a about that but I like that the last episodes are getting the bulk of
the screen time yeah it makes it curious like what’s the one there mister um I
think what happened is so I know that people on Twitter don’t constitute the
internet or message board but yeah there was some dust-up from people complaining
that what they’re not all ninety minutes we’re being shortchanged because there
had been this kind of myth that had kind of gotten into the fan o sphere about
feature-length episodes and honest to god like we’re responsible for helping
to spread it I’d take full responsibility for that yeah because
it’s whatever man it brings in the clicks and it’s it’s fun to talk about
it was never really a possibility I think it kind of kind of took took on a
life of its own like Ian Glenn said a bunch of time so I mean like it’s an
actor he doesn’t know anything like there was one director who said oh they
all dance around the larger numbers but he meant like 60 minutes like that just
him I like James Hibbert I don’t him it will weekly had a tweet where he’s like
it doesn’t make any it’s an hour long drama if it was speech like they just
have two episodes like it make any sense for an hour-long drama that’s like a
movie for an absolute then then then make a movie also eighty minutes it’s
kind of running already up into there are really good moves that are a mess
Toy Story is any minute Run Lola Run is 80 minutes they’re a
bunch of like really good movie that it was kind of sure
you know so it is plenty of time it’s true from a certain point of view if you
will and yeah like I think it I mean if it HBO or if the game third show runners
had said we need more time and more money to make this would have gotten it
they would have gotten it absolutely HBO would have been like yes
here’s this additional pile of money for you guys we have the truck come in like
and so I think yeah like technically we are getting feature-length episodes
technically we’re getting almost a bonus hour and technically please calm down
Internet a little bit please you go ahead and whoever you wanted it’s fine
just um yeah there was some fervor so that’s collected four cents on the
matter yeah also interesting Lee they all have adult content warnings the
episode is set for the first one so sorry Internet no nudity or extreme
violence maybe even naughty words in the premiere it’s gonna be all
family-friendly sorry guys we’ll just have to wait for
the job snow but until episode 2 yeah and then from 3:00 to 5:00 it’s just
blood all the time everywhere yeah it’s the HBO man I’m gonna gonna end big okay
with butts with butts anyway so that’s that’s the episode Lang stuff I also
want to touch owed you another point just coming up that’s one who touched
briefly on this interview given by the enigmatic Vladimir fur dick the man who
plays I don’t know how to say it what can you
say it better you know how to pronounce it
Vladimir food dick is the man who plays the night king he’s from a country that
isn’t this one and he never goes interview is because I can doesn’t talk
he’s he’s strong and silent that’s actually Richard break not let him/her
Furtick but it’s mostly come pick for the night King so I picked it yeah he
ever interviewed Emmet Emmet weakly just fun you know we never really heard him
this guy and you have little cool things I just wanted to read out people will
see that the night King has a target he wants to kill and he will find out who
that is there’s also that moment in hardhome where Jon Snow’s in the boat
and I can’t look at him and raised his arms we saw that there’s a similar and
even stronger moan between Jonathan Knight King this time have any Theory
Cheryl on who the target could be Jon Snow bran Stark yeah that’s kind of –
yeah they are yeah I mean do you would you like a tinfoil hat I don’t know yes
that those are the obvious ones oil that the tinfoil hat I can’t speak English
sure ah the tinfoil hat theory would probably be Daenerys Targaryen
sure sure why not yeah I Swan spider yeah yeah apparently brainer jaundice
either the son of Ice and Fire or the three-eyed Raven long thing I mean it’s
kind of cool to hear that apparently he does have motivation because you know
the whole Mike Kings deal is we don’t know we just don’t know yeah I mean I
think the idea that the knight King hates someone specifically enough to
make them a target is kind of great in its own way yeah that’s fine yeah I mean
I think he has in her life yeah he has maybe maybe um yeah I think I think for
once having this very mysterious villain that just kind of hates used like in
general is it’s it’s kind of interesting there’s been this kind of turn from two
villains who are complex in their own ways
you have some sort of relatable quality about
or can make you feel sympathy for them no I mean I feel bad he’s kind of old
school he’s like he’s a he’s a more Sauron type
just implacable you don’t really know him or know what he thinks no it totally
works yeah and I think it actually works on this story because it’s set against
all these people who are very complex and are very have their own motivations
and stuff so like having this counterpoint that’s just a wall of
unknowability is a nice tonal choice to come I don’t have peaks and valleys in
the earth story yeah yeah I’m all for learning a little more about him in the
final stretch point yeah for the whole getting a dagger shoved into you and
kind of forcibly turn this Eldridge being against your will
like that’s kind of sad but it sucks but same time like I enjoy this kind of undying yeah hatred you had I have some
human evil and then some inhuman evil balance it out yeah
all right so that’s happy look forward to that job laughs anybody can comment
on the YouTube feed feel free we’d love to see and read them and answer any
questions you might have yeah all right I wanted to go over this
bits just because I couldn’t resist moving on to mr. george RR martin author
of A Song of Ice and Fire he opinions about this really quickly
I’m just I’m nitpicking this guy but he said a couple of things this week a just
couldn’t resist talking about he talked about he talked at mimmik weekly again
they’ve got all the interviews about just the show ending and how he feels
about its ending it passing him because obviously it’s no secret he wrote these
songs fire books he’s up to book five for the last eight years Game of Thrones
was left up behind a few seasons ago and you know understandably he has some
mixed feelings about that saying almost all of it has been great it’s been an
incredible ride I wish I finished these books sooner as the show hadn’t gotten
ahead of me I never anticipated which is kind of a little baffling like
I don’t know I don’t know your life George blank you never current okay I
haven’t read the final season scripts and I haven’t been able to visit the
staff because working on wins good for you I know some of the things but
there’s a lot of minor character args they’ll be coming up with on their own
and of course they passed several years ago there may be important discrepancies
and I’m sure there will I’m sure if we ever are lucky enough to read the files
like mouths fire books there’s gonna be a lot of differences I also I loved this
bit he wrote on his not a blog about Captain Marvel just talking about how he
was a reader back in the day cuz he was a big comic fan in the 60s or 70s or
whatever and how he liked the movie a lot very entertaining but he didn’t like
it it strayed from whatever it was in the comics and he just said I am kind of
a purist when it comes to adaptations and there’s just there’s no way there’s
no way to read that comment from george RR martin and not think of the fact that
HBO is adapted Game of Thrones in a way that strayed pretty far from his books
even though he might not have meant it there’s just no way he can’t say that in
public and not get people think about it I feel like I lost like several brain
cells just hearing that even though it’s read and you’re a very lovely voice
damn funky I know who truly spoke those words okay by the way we have a comment
from David Harris right around wick he says hey guys hey hi okay george RR
martin did not expect that he would get passed up the word that comes to mind
for me is disingenuous like that does not seem like a very genuine thing to
say and I could be completely wrong in my interpretation of this but like
Madhu’s my guy you already had to split book four into two books because there
was just so much stuff I don’t even know what to say
Lana I mean how do you not know how do you just not expect this in a way like I
and if I fully understand that george RR martin is not beholden to me or to
anyone no but the way that he kind of communicates these things is very kind
of crotchety and like I said this disingenuous like it doesn’t seem
logical that he would never expect oh yeah him the show’s gonna pass me up
like the man worked in television he knows how these things work up sensibly
and as for his whole Captain Marvel boozled oh yeah because Captain Marvel
wearing a bathing suit would be so cool no like I feel missing people II did for
medium even from TV and to make the movie as accessible as possible to the
most amount of people you have to distill different parts of the comic
book continuity I think a lot of the choices made in Captain Marvel we’re
really great actually because they weld together and often very disparate very
confusing comic book origin story and I know because I had to research this for
a video that culturist it um like it’s it’s be spoiled and so to kind of weld
it together in a way that makes mostly sense you can take your purity and you
know go sell it somewhere else buddy you have to distill things for the
different mediums that you’re telling the story in and so I mean I guess my
answer to most of these comments is basically just I rolled out emoji I
don’t know what you had there Dan I think it’s fine yeah I mean I’ve been
following him for a while i I don’t think it’s some genuine I
think I think he honestly thought he would Pat write faster I really do like
I’ve been following him for and he always seemed honestly hopeful
like I’m gonna get it out 2015 here it comes just doesn’t happen he
just he’s the longer he just wildly over overestimates his ability to write
quickly yeah you just always have I I mean I don’t know I’m yeah we don’t know
him we don’t I honestly think I think it did surprise him
I don’t think maybe it shouldn’t have yeah he should have been able to take
more stock I don’t know when you’re in the thick of something maybe it’s harder
to do that yeah I guess that’s really my argument is like I don’t think it should
if it did actually surprise him I don’t think it should have sure but I
mean I don’t know IIIi don’t be the arbiter of like what you shouldn’t
shouldn’t yeah it’s like I I don’t yeah like I want to emphasize I don’t
think it should have surprised him if it did sure but that’s what I think
no no I understand but yeah I just yeah I mean I do think it’s like if you’re
you can’t say you’re a stickler for adaptation and be george RR martin and
not think you’re gonna get people reading it as some kind of way yes you
can’t I don’t know maybe he was throwing shade I hope he wasn’t be more fun maybe
maybe he was just being innocent yeah but just if he was being innocent it’s
people are going to take it the way they’re gonna take it because you are
who you are this is this is what it is important discrepancies
oh they’re definitely well oh yeah they will but I like how he has to emphasize
that every so often like hey guys there would be discrepancies well this is the
true authorized version you know I’m am I don’t know like because Benny
otherwise all said that they’ve talked to George and they said that we’re like
we’ve made changes Warnick tell me we decided with George won’t tell anybody
what the changes are so you know I think they want the books to do well I think
he wants the show to do well I do ii-i’ve never another some fans who
think they’re like have a falling out or like don’t like each other
I’ve never gotten that I just think maybe you know George our mind isn’t
very good at estimating at time he takes – right yeah it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a
fun tapestry David Harris let’s talk about
the real star Captain Marvel goose who was that it was that produce look happy
with QT j-mac thinks we need at least 70 minute run times we mostly have by the
way I think that kind of equals out to somebody minutes all together if you
average all the things yeah and thanks book and some are both down yes really
gonna miss topia unacceptable okay let’s not get to that argument would be a
whole another episode we knew and Celtic Gibson reminds us don’t forget the HBO
begged in a David do more episodes they didn’t want to what yeah so they’re
probably gonna end it the way they want it I have confidence with that I’m
looking forward to seeing it yeah also another little celebrity news show Jerry
Martin Kit Harington hosted Saturday Night Live April 6 that’s cool alright
that’ll be fun I feel like it’s either going to be a complete disaster or kid
Harrington is going to turn out to have this really good like ability to play
the street cops oh yeah thing do that yeah but like
playing the straight man is harder than it looks so I hope he’s got the kind of
the balance and I think he has the ability to kind of make fun of himself
yes in a lot of ways so I I had some faith I watched that Coldplay musical
Game of Thrones thing he was in pretty funny yeah I think I think he can do
okay like as long as he just remembers to you know have fun don’t don’t try and
sell it like you sold gunpowder like enjoyed gunpowder
I liked gunpowder okay I just thought like you know it was okay it but yeah
you gotta you gotta be willing to lean into these things even with the even
with the writing team on SNL who doesn’t always yeah an economist Oh remember
when he was on Seth Meyers and he was like having a dinner party as Jon Snow
with people people at the table that’s pretty funny I did like his recent
appearance on Colbert where he was like where Colbert was telling him all his
behavior I think he had to just keep his stone face on like I thought it was
pretty good I’m also sure I hope we’ll see some some friends drop by that’d be
fun I almost wish they would have gotten
Emilia Clarke honestly because she’s like Shyama strike feel like she wants
to just be in comedy because she’s a pretty quirky funny person interviews
and stuff there’s still time there is why not two episodes in a row
just do uh oh BTS musical guest like that big kpop fan over here what’s that
I believe I know BTS is I’m very old okay I do and I can be excited told you
oh yeah I forgot and David points out he was in that’s tennis movie by HBO
remember the one with a nanny salmon or something nope
yeah it was like it was a comedy Penance thing okay he’s money he’ll be fine he’s
capable I think maybe they will submit somebody Game of Thrones for like when
the show is ending sure in may/june right there right to kind of you know
what candidate I vote a minute lark or maybe like it may have see lens a selfie
Turner can co-host baby yet happy fun honestly I wouldn’t mind like any one of
the main cast know pretty much like I think even like Lena Headey would be
great definitely I mean they’re all experienced actors they all yeah ops
they’d all be good yeah yeah was happy go ahead and market that stuff but real
and finally for the last for the pressure let’s go beyond the wall for a
second check what’s something on Game of Thrones related Cheryl a Titan of the
entertainment industry Disney is ready in its own streaming service you think
you enjoy paying for Netflix and Hulu and HBO go and Amazon Prime
we’ll get ready because Disney Plus is coming and Disney according to CEO Bob
Iger seen here with Mickey the mouse what’s thank you hey he’s announced that
Disney plus there’s will have every single Disney movie on it which Timmy
means two things a they are going really hard for this
and really they’re going to get a lot of people
watching this like they are forcing their way into the streaming business
it’s hard to be with Netflix Hulu this is the one company thinking like we’re
gonna do it we’re probably gonna beat you all Iran Game two
because you can’t resist all those movies and be that’s a lot of movies and
that are not gonna be on other streaming services what do you think wouldn’t
think this move by Disney Disney loaded for bear me like oh do I need to explain
that metaphor yes is that a young reference loaded for bear oh god no
basic like Disney is bringing out the big guns isn’t a nicer or a more
accessible way of putting that mm-hmm but loaded for bear just sounds more fun
cool like if you’re taking down a bear like you have to you have to come
prepared bears do not go down easy you don’t mess with bears they’re
tormund here let me try Disney is loading for the bear I do it
right no okay I guess you’re right they’re great they’re going hard they’re
going ham the yeah they’re going hard in this space I saw some people being like
does that mean Song of the South is gonna be in there and probably not like
idiots they’re not idiots and I if I remember correctly cuz I was listening
to this call when he announced oh yeah he basically said the wipe the video
like the library will be on there and Song of the South has never really been
released on home video everything so we for very good reason for very good
reason although I did get to hear a rendition of zippity-doo-dah that
involves kazoos on this call you know it was not great okay
I’m lucky I’m anti kazoos now but and it was in the larger context of the vault
no technique the vault yes the whole concept of the vault
so I are speaking in the concept of the vault where movies kind of go in and out
of circulation um basically to drive up sales scarcity it’s so mean like those
commercials we’re like you love this movie we’re locking it away from you but
they say what a smile I saw it always taught me I was very weird but it works
that’s capitalism that’s capitalism is me man
um a bit of gotta go there I’m Pro capitalism on this podcast please
subscribe to us help us keep us one here um but uh yeah like I think that this is
a big big push I mean Captain Marvel is the first
Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that’s going to be exclusively on Disney Plus
um like Star Wars is gonna be on Disney Plus as David Harris the mysterious
David Harris points out moving live-action Star Wars shows and that has
never happened to Disney Plus is a Power Move by of the mouse it’s because the
huge tourist random has been begging for a live-action series for who knows how
long a very long time speaking from experience kind of surprise it never
happened actually the holiday special I think did count as a series I think it
did a lot to kill Oh live-action series right you’re probably right
alike aimed towards a wide audience like they definitely had some kid shows but
that were kind of live-action if I remember correctly that was before I was
born so correct me if I’m wrong here I hear you would that make perfect sense
but like I think the holiday special did a lot to kind of kill Wow how Star Wars
was treated on television in front of time um yeah I mean I think they’re
coming diz he knows better than me do how crowded the streaming market is
especially with like Warner Media is gonna start launching a new one soon
calm cat like everybody’s moving into the space
finally and Disney is kind of coming with you know one hand is everything you
ever loved as a child and everything you ever wanted as a child and just kind of
boom right at you and you’re gonna get shot in the face I mean there’s no way
you aren’t and then you’re just gonna hold up your money but please there no
more but yes more um I mean I think it’s yeah it is punkers how much material
they can offer like you know as Netflix has to reckon
with everybody taking their toys and going home finally right and having to
Bruce more and more original content although the most of the Bond movies are
on Netflix right now it’s great until MGM or whatever it’s like we’re
gonna stream now yeah like Bond flicks I love me some James Bond movies and so
don’t don’t hate just appreciate but like I think the the idea here for
Disney Plus is like we have to make this appealing to people and if this is the
only place you’re gonna be able to get frozen oh my god the kids the parents of
the kids yeah I saw somebody tweet that a while back and I was like yeah that
that’s basically it look but that’s the game right there if that is the only
place you can find your kid’s favorite Disney movie you’re gonna pay for it
you’re gonna pay for it because otherwise your child would be screaming
and there are only so many times you can put in a DVD before you just want to
break it in half alright so IIIi I guess the lesson here
is just give in now just you’re going to get Disney Plus so you might as well
just yeah start getting used to that state yeah yeah all right on that note
at this point we normally would go to our next segment a song of Dan and Josh
where Josh Hill and I recap every single chapter of A Song of Ice and Fire
but Josh Hill is sick so we’ll not be doing that we decided to read george RR
martin instead or descend the show but we will be back with more of that next
Wednesday yeah 4 p.m. hopefully on Facebook and on YouTube we’re gonna do
both but hopefully next week Facebook is back up and running
that’s very swanky yeah we are where we you know what we’re doing we are getting
up to blasting the bear that’s right okay and I’ll be back next Wednesday
with more take the black live more Game of Thrones some star discussion more
John or fiction exploration and business discussion more Salonga and josh thanks
so much for watching and we will see you next Wednesday at 4:00 Central Center
time how does everybody I everyone