Are you feeling–washed up–from wasting your
life slowly sailing around? Is the pressure of having to chang the Wind Direction constant
making you feel…winded? If you answered yes to either or both of those
questions, then the Swift Sail is for you! This revolutionary product will nearly double
your cruising speed while also changing the wind direction automatically to match your
current direction. And the girls dig it. Okay, maybe not, but the Swift sail is a huge
improvement, and yet, it’s entirely possible to go the entire game without ever finding
it Now if you don’t want to make that mistake,
here’s what you need to do. After completing Dragon Roost Cavern, return
to Windfall Island at nightfall and head for the auction house–it’s the Red door just
past the potion shop Now the reason it has to be night is because
this is the only time when auctions take place. Talk to the man inside to begin the auction
process.Now at this point, one of several random items will be up for auction–one of
which could be the Swift Sail, if you’re lucky. Now If it’s anything other than the Swift
Sail, you can simply exit the auction by pressing B, then head right back inside to try again–repeating
as necessary until it appears. Once the sail’s actually up for grabs, you’ll
have to outbid your opponents to win it. To do so, you want to keep them from raising
the price themselves by outbidding them by just enough to stun them. To do so, you should bid somewhere between
10-20% higher than the existing bid, which will temporarly stun them, running down the
clock. Keep doing this throughout the auction by
keeping your bid-meter near full so you’re ready to buzz in and name your price after
they’ve recovered, and before they get too many of their own bids in. Just don’t fill your meter too much if you’re
not ready to buzz in, as it automatically fills itself up at a slow rate too, which
might force you to outbid yourself Now when the auctioneer gives the 5-second
left, you don’t want someone slipping in a last-second bid, so make sure you’re ready
to make them see stars if they become undazzd during this time. If you manaye to outbid them all, the Swift
Sail will be yours! Now go out there and enjoy sailing the high
seas at a breakneck pace Thanos for watching and make sure to keep
an eye on for more The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD video gudies and
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