(♪♪♪) (♪♪♪)>>Do you want the net, Jeff?>>Gussy: Oh, it’s
only about a 6 pounder. See, that’s how my dad,
how competitive he is. I got the first fish, and
he’s not even going to come and scoop
it for me. There we go. I had to chirp a little bit. I believe that will be the
derby lead for me, huh.>>We’ll give you credit
for the first one I guess. We’ll count that as a keeper.>>Gussy: Hey, you come
to the Rainy River in the, you know, it’s a
narrow window. The season closes April 15th,
and so you’ve got from the time the ice goes out which
this year was pretty early, but sometimes, you know,
you only have a week or so. You might have 10 days. But it’s a narrow window. Lots of fish come
up in here to spawn, and that’s just
an average one. We’re going to catch a
bunch of these today. That’s sweet. Well, I was pretty lucky that my
dad was able to take me fishing when I was at a young age
and that’s what definitely, you know, let to me
getting into fishing as much as I have. And I really liked
it from a young age. I didn’t care
what I fished for. It was just getting out
there was the big deal for me. Another big chunky
Rainy River walleye. Look at that. Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome fishing. And, you know,
after a long winter, we haven’t been
out in the boat. This is the place
you want to come. Soon as it opens up. You can follow all —
there’s a lot of resorts and, you know, reports online. You can kind of state up to
date on when the fish are coming in, what’s happening,
and if you’ve never fished here before, you’ve
got to come and try it.>>Gussy: As far as
the tournaments go, you know, the big deal
for us was when the — when the SKBI was in its
early years, we used to always go watch the weigh-ins
and that was a big deal. And I didn’t care about
the people or anything. I just wanted to go
look at all the fish. I can remember that. Just trying to look
at people’s fish. So whenever I’m in
the weigh-in line, I always show
little kids my fish. And I know that’s,
that’s what they like to see. But when I was 10 years old,
my Christmas present that year was an entry fee
in the tournament. My dad and I signed up, and
we’ve told this story before, but we donated for a few
years and our main goal was just to catch a single
bass so we could walk across the weigh-in station. We were able to do that. And after a few years we kind
of learned as we went and got to be a little bit more
competitive eventually and the rest is history.>>It’s a sandy bottom
and so you’re not getting snagged at all. So you’re just letting the
bait bounce along the bottom with the current
and just feeling it. It’s –>>Gussy: Absolutely. Because a lot of times when
you’re fishing in current, you’re going to get –>>Snagged up.>>Gussy: — snagged up. And there’s some
rocky spots on the river, but for the most part it’s
a lot of sand and it’s not really all that staggy. There’s some logs
in different places, but I’m going to talk more
about navigating on the river and that in a little bit.>>One of the drawbacks about
Jeff doing well in fishing is very rarely do I get to go
fishing with him anymore. He’s got so many people
that he’s involved with, has to take out,
sponsors, other friends. I never get to fish with
him in a tournament anymore. So he sort of
left me in his dust. And so fishing today is
actually a real treat for me because I actually get to go
out and this might be the only time in the whole year. So I’m going to take advantage
of it today and hopefully I pick up the pace here and
catch a few and give him another licking just to remind
him who the king really is. This looks like a little
one though, Jeff. I don’t think it’s — I’m going
to knock your big guy out of contention
for the lead.>>Gussy: One thing I noticed
that happens out here is you’ll get little waves and
flurries of fish that come through, so I just cast it
out where Dad hooked up with this thing. Ah, he’s pretty nice. Let me give him a scoop. There we go. Kind of a bad net job, but. There you go. Chunky, hey. Look at that. There you go. Real chunky.>>Nice. Very nice. Feels good to get that one. (♪♪♪)>>Gussy: All right. We’re going to take a break. We’ll be back with
more Rainy River walleye action
pretty soon. Yeah, he’s pretty nice.>>Yeah, he’s nice. Wow. Wow, that is nice. (♪♪♪) (♪♪♪)>>Gussy: Today we’re
fishing on the Rainy River, and it’s probably one of the
best walleye fisheries in the world during the
short timeframe, you know, early April. And you can count on it
being good every year. You’ve got to watch when
that ice goes out and when the river opens up, and
when that happens, the walleyes make a massive
migration in here to spawn. And it’s some of the best
fishing that you’ll ever experience, and not
only for numbers, but for big fish as well. The river itself is
about 65 or 70 miles long. Don’t quote me. I know I’m probably
not right on the, right on there. But it’s a big long river. And there’s a lot of good
places along the way to fish. And you’d be hard pressed to
go anywhere else and catch the number of walleyes
that you can get during this time frame. You owe it to
yourself to give it a try. (♪♪♪) (♪♪♪)>>Gussy: We’re back. And it didn’t take long to
get hooked back up again. I think we’ve got a little run
of customers coming through. I’ve got that one. Not a giant, but you can
sure see the nice average size of these fish. They’re spunky,
they’re chunky. I think that was a
better landing for him. I didn’t mean to
throw him in the lake, but that was better than him
hitting the carpet and banging off the deck of the boat.>>Okay. This one’s got some shoulders.>>Gussy: Oh, yeah? Big dog?>>Feels better
than that other one. This could be a,
could be a decent one.>>Gussy: Yeah,
he’s pretty nice.>>Yeah, he’s nice. Wow. Wow. That is nice. Perfect.>>Gussy: Hook popped out.>>Hook popped out
right in the net. Okay. You’re going home to
spawn, little buddy.>>Gussy: — kind of
creeping it along the bottom. And feels like
another pretty nice one. Not a giant, but. It’s just a cool deal to come
down here this time of year. I can get this one, Dad. And take advantage of this. Because it is
kind of a narrow, narrow window when you can
come and catch these things. But they’re all sizes, and
it’s pretty good fishing. And this time of year for us,
we have such a long winter, that it’s nice to get back in
the boat and if you’re going to get back in the boat,
you might as well go catch a bunch of fish. Rainy River is
the place to do it.>>When we started fishing or
started taking Jeff fishing, all we fished
for was walleyes. There was no bass
involved back then. There was, you know, we
went fishing to bring fishing home for, to eat. And since Jeff’s been
into the bass fishing, our philosophy has changed. It’s now go out,
catch and release. Very rarely do we
bring many fish home, maybe a couple for our
supper now and again. It’s all just catch and
release and fish for fun. And it’s all good.>>Gussy: That is a lamprey,
which you don’t see a lot around here and I didn’t
know they kind of swam on the surface like that, but we see
all the good wild life when we’re out doing these shows. We’ve got the first footage
last year of a mouse eating the gills out of a
little baby brook trout.>>A vole, I think.>>Gussy: Look at him,
he’s trying to burrow right in there. I almost want to pick him up. Probably bite me. Just like a little hamster. (♪♪♪)>>Gussy: No other fishing
shows have that kind of stuff.>>Gussy: Lakemaster
is a company that makes navigational chips for
lakes all over North America. And they have all
of Rainy Lake done, and a lot of Lake
of the Woods done, and all the Rainy River done. If you take a
closer look on here, you can actually see, we’re
in the Long Sue Rapids area of the river, about halfway
between Fort Francis and Rainy River itself. And it’s, there’s a lot of
little holes and things here that will hold fish,
but for the most part, there’s no other chips or
maps available of the river. This Lakemaster chip for Woods
and Rainy has the navigation of the river, all the
structure, rocks, shallow spots you’ve got to
watch out for marked on it. It’s going to navigating out
here if you’ve never been out much easier and help show you
some of the hot fishing spots. Let’s get back to it. Dad’s got one on again.>>Yeah. Not a king, but it
will be a nice one. I don’t know what the readout is
on your little scoreboard here, but oh, watch it. I got a little too chirpy.>>Gussy: See. That’s how he is. He probably was going to
take the lead with that one, but he had to get a
chirp in about it.>>So we’re at the drive,
nice day to come and do this.>>You know, the
day is beautiful. It’s hardly a
cloud in the sky. The sun feels so nice.>>Gussy: It’s a little bit
windy and that’s the cool thing on the river
is that if it’s, you know, a windy
kind of nasty day, it’s still not going to be as
bad as maybe being out on the lake and the more open stuff. That’s a big old fish.>>Oh, yeah.>>Gussy: It’s kind of
got stuff growing on him.>>Yeah, he’s hurting.>>Gussy: I have no
idea what those are, but fish looks pretty healthy
otherwise but he’s got some stuff kind of
growing on him. Oh, well. Do your thing, man.>>Yeah, just
straight out here. Right out there.>>Gussy: I don’t
think I even made it to the bottom that time. I just saw my line
jump and I went for it. Feels like a pretty nice one. Tough to beat though man after
a long winter coming out here.>>Yeah, it is a nice one.>>Gussy: Catching, catching
fish that want to eat one after the other. That’s a kong.>>That’s a beauty. That’s a really nice one.>>Gussy: When they
do that, open up. That’s the right kind of
constitute when they eat your jig like that. I had to switch to a little
fireball jig and a minnow. I’m sure we could catch them
on plastic out here today. Dad’s got another one on,
but for early in the season, it’s fun to use minnows
and live baits sometimes and that’s what we’re doing today. And these guys like it. This is a whackfest. We are catching
walleyes like this, one after the other. It’s crazy. Another pretty big fish. I keep waiting for you to
get your token pike because usually you’re pretty
good at catching those too. Look at that net job.>>Oh, nice net job into
hopefully I didn’t burn me on a bass this summer. I blew my net job of
the year on a walleye. No, nice fish.>>Beauty.>>So I had and
I bent it back, got a little walleye. And he wasn’t that big. He wasn’t that big. But the hook
straightened out again. Once it’s been straightened
out once and replaced –>>Gussy: Yeah, it
comprises it a bit. It’s a little soft.>>It’s weak. It’s weak. And I’m sure that’s
how I lost that one. I don’t think I made a
real mental mistake there. I think it was
the hooks fault.>>Gussy: Lost my minnow. They’re back. This is what happens too is
you’ll just get waves of these fish kind of move through. So there’s some
coming through right now. Dad just had that
one on and lost it, and I just got my
minnow plucked. So get her back in there. Watch this, I’m going
to have one right away.>>And by rights, I
should put a new hook on, but that’s going to take time
and right now I don’t want to give him any opportunity.>>Gussy: There we go. I told you.>>Darn. I’ll go in right
behind him and get one.>>Gussy: Yeah. There’s a bunch of
them there I think. It’s amazing. It’s slow for 10
or 15 minutes, you don’t get anything. And then all of a sudden
they move through and it’s like every cast.>>Every cast. Nice one.>>Gussy: Yeah,
that’s a pretty good one.>>That’s a decent one yeah. Net?>>Gussy: I’ll get
him here, I think. Beauty. Whoa. Relax. They gobble it up though man. Every bite that I’ve had today
has just been a good thump. They’ve got the
right attitude going on, and they want to eat. Pretty. You can see some of
them are a little bit, little bit paler in colour. And a lot of that’s the
dirty colour out here. We’ve got a few that
were a little dark, and I understand that
sometimes those are fish that are a little bit fresher
coming in off the lake. They’ve got a little
bit more colour to them. They just lose their colour
a little bit because of the dirty water or whatever,
but they’re still pretty. That’s awesome. (♪♪♪) (♪♪♪)>>I’m Ted Krause. I’m from Harris, Minnesota. Been coming up here to Sunset
Country for the last probably 15 years, fishing
tournaments, taking vacations. Great place to come.>>Scott Walsh. I’m from Ely, Minnesota. Yeah, about the same time. Really enjoy the area. The diversity of
these bigger lakes, Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake. We’ve been fishing
for a lot of years. It’s like fishing ten lakes
in one when you fish these big lakes. You can catch anything you want,
muskie, pike, walleye, bass. It’s great fishing. We really enjoy
coming up here.>>We’ve been fishing
Lake of the Woods here for the KBI since 2004. Probably one of
our best stories, we had a ninth place finish. Pulled into a point, kind of
just grabbed something out of the air running to
our starting spot. Seven casts later, 15 pounds
of small mouth in the boat.>>Yeah. Ted actually had three fish
hooked and in the bottom of the boat before I
had even made a cast. I was still unstrapping
my rods, and he’s calling for the net. It was nonstop action there. That’s the quickest limit
we’ve probably had in a tournament period. That’s certainly a memorable
moment here at KBI and Lake of the Woods.>>Okay.>>Gussy: Just got a big
one right under the boat. Whoa.>>Oh, wow.>>Gussy: That’s what you
come to the Rainy River for. A big dinosaur.>>Oh, man look at that. That’s crazy.>>Gussy: That’s going to be
tough to beat this summer, catching a walleye that big. Wow. That is sick man. Look at that. Just in the
corner of the mouth. Little Fire-Ball jig. Minnow. And a tank of a walleye. Wow, man oh man. That’s beautiful.>>Doesn’t get any
better than that.>>Gussy: After a long winter,
we like ice fishing and we do a lot of ice fishing, but
it’s definitely nice to get in the boat. I think yours might be
the bigger of the two here. I don’t know.>>Gussy: Look at this.>>This could be it. Can you get them
both, Jeff, at once?>>Gussy: Yeah,
I think we can.>>Okay. This is — here we go. Whoa. Sweet. Doesn’t get any
better than that. Nowhere in the world
do you get walleyes like that double header.>>Gussy: I’ll tell you what,
there’s not many places where you can go out and get
double headers on chunky big walleyes like that. And we’ve got
plenty of them today. It’s been a good time, Dad.>>That’s unbelievable. Man, thanks to the invite. This is, like, I might
have caught more in one day, but never have I got
this many this big.>>Gussy: Yeah.>>This is crazy. Thanks a lot more
having me, man. That’s awesome.>>Gussy: Thanks for coming. We had a blast. Get these guys back, and
we’ll probably stick around and keep catching a few more.>>Yeah, it’s too
early to go home. (Laughter)>>Gussy: All right. (♪♪♪)