Historically, the company Joly
has been a pioneer when it comes to investments.
And this is notably the case with the T900HF crane, as Joly
was the first in France to invest in the 90-metre machine. We are a family company. It was
established by my father in 1973, in the field of outdoor lighting, which is why he first had crane trucks. The activities we do with this kind
of truck are extremely varied. It ranges from the restoration of roofs on castles, cathedrals and churches,
to working for telephone companies, events and film and TV production. Once you get to a certain height, work on wind farms, as in this case. In this case, we have gone up to 72 metres,
but this crane can go up to 90 metres. It is a 90-metre crane from Ruthmann. It’s mounted on a five-axle Scania chassis with 450 horsepower and an automatic gearbox.
The truck does everything by itself. It’s as easy to drive as a car. Why Scania? It’s a brand with a proven
track record when it comes to reliability. Scania is one of the only manufacturers to offer a five-axle chassis with a gross weight of 48 tonnes. So for us it was obvious that we should work with Scania. Yes, this truck is compact,
less than 15 metres long at 48 tonnes,
with two steered front axles, and a steered rear axle,
which give it great manoeuvrability. We choose to work with Ruthmann for the crane and Scania for the chassis, because they’re the best!