one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how you can
fix your car using a $19 wind speed indicator now there’s a few things on
your car that you can check wind speed on the first thing is the cooling fans
on the radiator so turn your a/c on full blast then check the wind speed of your
cooling fans this has two this one’s over ten miles an hour and this one is a
little bit less about eight point five and for this old Toyota that’s pretty
normal because the main fan is bigger and the auxilary fan is smaller so one
won’t blow is fast now unfortunately there’s no books that’s going to give
you wind speed data for cars so what you really want to do is when your car’s
working fine check the speed with this so then if you
do have an overheating problem you have something to compare it with and you
know and it’s not blowing fast enough it probably needs a new blower motor and
realize that many cars have multi speed blower fans so when your checking the
top speed let it sit awhile and run until you hear the fans running as fast
as they go then check the speed and write it down so you’ve got a good
database now the next thing you can check is the wind speed of your cooling
fans for your heater and your air conditioning so turn the AC on full-blast and have it on
recirculate air then measure how fast the air is coming out and in this case
it’s blowing pretty good it’s blowing about 17 miles an hour but if it was
blowing really poorly you could check for the blower motor a lot of times they
just wear out and they don’t blow fast enough or look inside the glove box
because sometimes stuff like Kleenexes will get sucked in
they’ll jam on the intake and they’ll really lower the speed of the air
blowing in now another thing you can check is the exhaust pressure coming out
of the exhaust just stick it near the end and in this case it was about four
point nine miles an hour which is a decent flow going through the system if
it had been really lower it could mean the catalytic converter is clogged up if
your catalytic converters clogged up the vehicle often will not have enough speed
to get going maybe it’ll only go 30 40 50 miles an hour no faster or the
temperature gauge will start running hotter if you have both of those you
don’t have much flow that generally means you can’t let it convertor is
clogged and last but not least let’s say your speedometer isn’t working well you
could get a pretty rough estimation rolling the window down
stick around see how fast you’re going and you can pretend you’re flying in an
airplane and you’re measuring wind speed now I have to admit I like playing
around with gadgets and I always wanted one of these but they cost so much money
in the past I never bothered when I saw these things are only 19 bucks I thought
what the heck I’ll buy one I can put it to good use so can you, I even used mine as
a party favor in the last party we went to, I use it as a contest to see who was the
biggest blowhard and guess who won me, I got it up to 51 and a half miles an hour
but that didn’t impress the cat and remember if you’ve got any car
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel